disabled my account


New member here, just recently had a withdrawal of 2000 dollars through on or around first of February. Waited the 72 hours like normal, tried to log on and found my account was disabled. Called them and couldn't really get a lot of info on the issue. The info they did give me is my account was linked with others. I was really looking forward for this cash out because in the month of January I spent 2600 or so without winning and a lot before also, they assured me my money was fine they were just investing my account. 6 days after being disabled I called and they told me my account was permanently disabled but they were refunding my deposits from the start of February which was a whopping 150 bucks. I just called before typing this and she said there is nothing I can do. I've never cheated or opened up different accounts to try and benefit from the bonuses. My mother plays also and that is the only account I could think of being linked but now sure how. Is there anything I could do. I feel like I'm getting pushed on and feel helpless. Sorry in advance if this is the wrong section.


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I am sorry you have had this happen to you. But are you 100% sure you didn't have another account with them and you just forgot about it? Or you did know about it and you was trying a fast one with them? Or you had one and you closed it or self excluded the older accounts?

I am not familiar with casino and nor how they operate. Maybe others can jump in and help you with more advice!


I haven't ever opened up another account. I have friends that have accounts and my mom has an account. My mom has cashed her winnings out to my bitcoin wallet. I don't think that would be an issue seeing that the wallet addresses change Every time. I've tried to get more info out of them about the issue just so I can help figure it out or defend myself. Even offered up my bank information or whatever I could do to help but they won't even hear me out. I'm honestly helpless in this situation. It's funny how they decided to investigate my account when I won but not when I was dumping 50 after 50 after 50. They should be able to tell I'm not cheating by my win to loss ratio.