Slots Capital and Georgina


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Got lucky last week... think Tuesday with the freebie from Slots Capital....had check in hand by 1 o'clock eastern time today...pretty amazing for the states..Thank you Georgina and Slots Capital


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Very nice when sites are on the ball, Well done on win, Only ever had 1 check sent and looked well dodgy but cashed nether the less from ginabingo about 3 yrs back, was sent from abroad signed mail in a big arss envelope, It was only 35£ as well, and received withen a week, I forgot all about it I called it a deposit gone down the drain, So was very surprised


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The check was from Canada Trust bank which is only about 30 minutes from where I bank never questioned it but my bank is also one of the only local banks left in Vermont so they don't delve into peoples business.


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Georgina is excellent!! Had so much good support from her. Also Slots Capital is truly the best RIVAL Casino out there, but i stopped playing it when i got Bonus restricted because of a great winning streak i've had :) Maybe a good time to talk to them again... Haven't played there for over a year!

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