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Bryan- Just wondering if you have received any response from the SLOTS ALLEY group, since your announcement and declaration that they are a scam? I would think a reputable business would be immediately replying, doing posts, clarifying, etc. So far, seems that they are happy to go pretending that everything is alright??!


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I have had a number of responses, and they want me to keep everything confidential. But a number of things are certain:

I was correct that Natalie is a guy.
They still have not disclosed which landbased casino they are affiliated with.
They admit that their software has had problems (they state "which one's haven't").

In a nutshell, they are more concerned with how I gathered my information instead of coming up with a rebutal. So in essence...scam.


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And they keep right on emailing their players with their "unbelieveable" offers. Wow! What a great group of people to trust your money with!