Slotocash: Quick whinefest


The eagle got Kevin!
Mar 22, 2011
Land of the "free"
I won't say how much I've deposited there in the last month or so (someone will think it's a lot, someone else will scoff at the whiny low-roller) but good gods, it's been ridiculously bad. I feel like a glutton for punishment everytime I think I might give them another shot because of their (rumored) fast payouts.

I will apparently never be able to confirm or deny their speed, because I. Can't. Hit. $hit. :mad:

Not on the always frustrating/exciting SR or SR2, not on my "need to go get some more $$" standby's of Shamrock Isle or Wacky Wedding - I just cannot get ahead there! No bonus, bonus - doesn't matter. Squat.

So, whine over.

Does anyone have great luck there?


Ueber Meister
Mar 4, 2008
hi your not the only one that is a fact ive just sent out two e mails one to sloto manager on the 24th ( still no reply ) & sent another yesturday to support aswell for account closure havnt heard anything from them , live chat has also been down so cant do it there over the last month there casino is going realy realy down hill , lack of promos other than 300% match , they might need to make that 3000% match because you just cannot hit anything on any slots ! lots of upgrades all the time & they cany even be bothered to e mail back . oh well maybe its another rival going down the tubes.


Dormant account
Mar 31, 2007
That's why I quit playing there over a year and a half ago. I had 2 smallish cash outs and then nothing deposit after was I quit :mad: