Sloto Cash Bitcoin Payout Disabled?


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Dec 1, 2011
I just went to process a payout at Sloto Cash only to find the bitcoin payout option is gone. CS said it's "temporarily disabled". I asked what that means, a day, a week, a month? No answer and I got tired of waiting. Anyone know what the word is on this? I am trying a wire transfer but I don't have a swift number since I bank at a credit union. I just put "NOSWIFT1" in the box, no idea if it will work. If anyone knows what's going on with their bitcoin option and knows when it's supposed to be back up, I'd love to know, thanks!
Hi Deanna,

I'm happy to inform that Bitcoin payouts are back at Sloto'Cash. If you'd like any further information on specifics from your account, just send me a private message with your username and I'm happy to check.


Ms. Sloto
Thank you, I just saw that! Unfortunately I played back the $1k I wanted to cash out last week but that's ok, I'll try again! I appreciate you letting us all know that it's back up and running :)

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