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Mar 27, 2001

Some kudos

Played here on Saturday with the free 5 try the new machine giveaway. They say they process cashins on the Monday- This AM I recieved an email that my winning were being sent by cheques- I asked by return email if they could paypal and the money is already in my paypal account.

Now that is good customer service, and to be paid immediately and when stated is unfortunately a rarity these days so wanted to acknowledge it.

Just wish they had some good VP and I would play there a lot more often


Casinomeister's full review of Slotland can be found here.
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I missed the promo since I was gone last weekend :(

If you didn't know already, they were awarded best casino 2001(non-downloadable) here last week.

Details here

My favorite game is Wildhearts, if that means anything...I've done pretty good there.

Customer service is good. What bothers me about Slotland is that I've read complaints from 2 different players that claim to have won large jackpots, and yet Slotland claimed the jackpots never hit, and never payed these players.

However, in both cases, Slotland payed the player a small sum of money to settle thier dispute. If I remember correctly, a few months back a player thought she won $60,000 and Slotland payed her a $2000 settlement.

Very strange.

Nevertheless, my experiences here have been good.

If anyone wants further documentation on both of these player disputes, I will be happy to post it here.
Dave R please post your documenation on this if you will I have had my own share of problems
to say the very least with slotland and never
intend to play there again ...
Dave R what happened to the posts that you
were going to make about slotland

If anyone wants further documentation on both of these player disputes, I will be happy to post it here.
I apologize.

The SEARCH function was down yesterdaty on the EZBoard message boards (P4K, Free-Casinos, ThePigPost Etc)

I did a search on WOL and didn't come up with anything except slotski's message. Also, I could not find the Slotland Grumble at

I will followup, prior to month's end.

Documentation - Slotland Case #1 November 2001

More details on Slotland
Posted By: Kim on 19 November 01, 11:10 a.m. in response to: Need More Details (DONGAMBLER)

My God.... thank you for getting back to me!
I was playing at Slotland casino
They are saying it was a malfunction.
The Jackpot was...$58,535.
They have now offered me $200.00 But, I have not accepted it.
I sent 4 emails to them begging someone to call me. They would not. Slotland sent me an email saying that I could not have won the Jackpot because the 7's only paid out 250 times. I was NOT even playing the slot that they where refering to !!! I was playing Heavymetal slot. I hit a win across on a .50 bet (should have gotten $320 for that asl well.) But I also hit on the c row with a $2. bet which was the Jackpot!!!!! Here is a clip of what they sent me:
***Notice the last email where they finially responded to the correct slot that I had been playing....It took them a while to even know of which slot I was even talking about....Now tell me how on earth they could have emailed me on not winning (Many Emails others than these few) on how I DID NOT WIN... I HAD ALL 7'S AND A FLASHING WINNING SIGN ON MY COMPUTER. I WON THAT JACKPOT FAIR AND SQUARE! AND THEY KNOW IT!!!!!!
It was a win! Look, I am not a nut case!!!!!! I know what I saw... I know that I won that Jackpot!
Dear Kimberly,

This is Robert of the Slotland Customer Service Department. Your letters have been forwarded to me for review. Kimberly, I have personally went through our log files (you played 169 rounds yesterday) and did not find the winning combination you described. My only explanation is that your browser did not display the result of your spin properly.
In your email you state that you hit "(3 green 7 across and 3 down the c row) a $2.00 bet was on the c row!".

Please note that 3 green 7 can't win the Jackpot. You need to win 3 Wild symbols to hit the Jackpot. 3 green 7 would only payoff bet times 250 at most. Also, which row do you refer to as "c row"?

(See.... they don't even know what they are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me please!)

Dear Kim,

Thank you for getting back to me. The letter about 3 wilds was sent by John's omission. I then found that you were playing Heavy Metal after that. I apologize for that. I really regret that you did not hit the Jackpot, but our files clearly shows that Jackpot is still untouched...

Kim, I would like to offer you $200 for this technical inconvenience. On the other hand, I would like to assure you that Slotland is honest and fair company. Our software is being regularly audited and tested and moreover our casino is approved by Gambling Commission.


So, here I am.... sick to death over this whole thing! you have no idea what it is like to WIN 58,535 and then have someone tell you... it was a technical thing. Oh Come On!!!!!! I hit that jackpot fair and square!
At this point... all I know is that I will not stop until someone can help resove this matter. I am so sick over this. I have not slept! There has to be Laws about this! Also, I have been playing there for a year now. I am not new to their casino.

Again, Thank you so much for getting back to me! I have sent so many emails out trying to find help as to where to go to get help on this. I was about to start calling lawyers here in town. I am just sick over this!
Please get back with me... Thank you so much!!!!
Slotland - Case #1 ($58,535) Continued:
Posted By: Kim on 29 November 01, 9:27 a.m. in response to: Mind games (Skeptic)

Thanks for the story... First time I have ever heard of that.

I am not going to take the $200. I hit the Jackpot with witness and then some to this win! There has to be some kind of Laws to protect us, the player, against this type of online gambling scams and I intend to use them. I have several people helping me now!

I have a right, a God given right... to fight for what I believe in and I am going to do so. I Won that Jackpot, they know I did... and I am not going to stop until they pay me or everyone knows about it!

I have called everyone I know of to call... I am getting phone calls back now from Big Wigs.. I tell ya! This is against the Law and they are going to help me get results.

Do you gamble online? If you do then you ought to be glad that there are people trying to PROTECT us (YOU the Player)!

Slotland is a member of the Gaming Commision... I recieved 2 emails from them and that was it! I had to call the FBI, DOJ, Newspapers and so on. Before I got any response from anyone!

Come on man.... this is a money making business! The gaming commision hasn't done a thing for me, that I know of anyway.... I had to do all of it myself! So... tell me what is the point to being a member or playing at a certified casino if there is really nothing they can or will do for you anyway if needed?

Do we just sit back and let these casinos take from us knowing they are not going to pay... be double charged on our cards, and so on? I'm NOT... I bet my money in good faith at their casino...I won the jackpot... That's that! Pay me and let me go on with my winnings... I would have been playing today had they just payed me what I rightfully won! I am NOT GOING TO BE TAKEN and just back while they get away with it!

I am Mad about this... My God... these people are getting away with it because we wont fight them back! I won it and they have to pay it.
I have learned sooo much about this online gambling... Beware! That's all I can say.

Thank you and Good Luck to You too.
Documentation - Slotland Case #2

Best of Online Gambling 2000
by Winneronline Editorial Team
1 Jan 2001

We've sorted through the highlights and lowlights of the year in online gambling and present to you our picks and pans, including our selections for Best Casino, Best Software and Internet Gambling Man of the Year. So grab yourself a festive beverage and let's take a look back at this year in online gambling.

Biggest Jackpot That Wasn't
$60,000 never awarded to WebTV player whose screen showed that she won the jackpot at Slotland only to be informed by the casino manager that it was a WebTV error and she didn't "really" win the jackpot. Player settles for $3000 booby prize.
The SEARCH function still is not working on
EZBoard BBS's, so I cannot lookup the details on Case #2, but you can see from the timeline one instance occurred in 2000 and the other in 2001.

These are (2) seperate players complaining about a jackpot that was coincidently in the 60K range.
Neither player has been paid his/her jackpot.
(To the best of my knowledge).

I am making no accusations. I am simply saying it is very suspicious. I personally have had good experiences gambling there. I found the games to be amongst the most unique on the net, and the cust service to be above average.
Hi All,

This is kind of old news. The situation with Kimberly was very unfortunate, but this case was put to rest some time ago.

Slotland's logs showed no occurance of a jackpot win and it was determined that there must have been an error in Kimberly's browser. This was an extremely frustating situation for all parties involved, but it must be clear that these things do happen. It's even noted in their T&C that browser errors void winnings, in fact if you check the terms and conditions of most casinos, you will find disclaimers for software errors.

The same goes for land based casinos. When there is a large winning at a slot machine, the attendants check the machine for errors to ensure that the win is valid. This is the nature of the beast when dealing with technology. Nothing is beyond the reach of glitches or bugs.

I believe that Kimberly was compensated for her pains, and this is why not much has been mentioned throught the boards. No one "took" any one's money and no one was cheated. It was just a very unfortunate incident.

Ok ~B,fair enough..

I do have a nagging thought running round my head,so i will lay it here...

The server or whatever sends a display but the browser displays the wrong thing,fair enough..Does the machine pay the hand shown or the one from the server?I can't work out how the browser does the math and adds up the credits to be a winner.Even though the server says something different..Seems the punter can be refused a winner whenever the casino say so judging by this ladies experience.It's not like she took a screen shot and the credits never appeared.This lady says she took no screen shot and trusted the credits that were displayed in the bank.

How can the credits show up if the browser was at fault is basically what i'm asking..How can this be?

I seem to recall her saying that the screen announced that she had won the jackpot. I agree, if the browser displayed the wrong result, why would the credits show in her account balance.

Somebody tell us, are we wrong here?

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