Slot Tales: Best and Worst Memories

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Apr 27, 2009
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Hiya guys and gals,
I've been tasked with starting a new thread - Slot Tales: Best and Worst Memories (about slots...duh!).
The idea is for members to share stories about personal experiences, good or bad, about your slots sessions.
Feel free to add any screenshots, funny stories, photos etc.

Just a little something to share with other members. :)

I'll go first. It's a good memory from a bad holiday :p

So, I was living in a duplex and renting the upper unit. I received this HUGE ass water bill - like $800 and money I didnt have. Turned out there was a leak but it was under the house and under the lower unit and I had no way of knowing. So, paid the bill. Had the plumber come and fix it. Sorted right?
See, by the time it did get sorted it also generated a new month's bill and lo! another $800. Unfortunately, that's 2 months of water bills I couldn't afford and we had now rolled up into December.

My family came down for Christmas Eve, and I'm like, I'm really so sorry guys...but I'm, in debt broke. and I havent a penny for food and gifts.
My parents, being parents, of course were understanding.
So mom, said, stop stressing, here's 50 bucks, let's you and I go out to the casino for Christmas Eve.

And it was a nice night, sitting on penny slots, her and I, just chatting and chilling.
And didn't I hit the jackpot for a quarter.


So, said here mom, $1250, Merry Christmas. And we did late night Xmas Eve Shopping and Christmas was saved. :)


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Jan 8, 2014
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Lot of good and bad memories. Will not bore you with all the tales.

Best will still years ago.

Was before xmas and i was struggling real bad that year and xmas was going to be piss for the kids if i never sorted something fast. But then again i always would have got it sorted i always do :laugh:

Told this before several times. Getting like Jon with his WS. Oh shit this is another thread for that right:(

Anyway Ladbrokes had just launched the new Mega Moolah Slot a day or 2 before. Was playing it at 25p a spin was a highroller back in the day as well:D

Anyway hit the wheel for first ever time and the 2nd lowest Jackpot i am sure was at just over £100.

So hit that and was looking at the screen and saw it had paid me about £2300. Was like WTF must be just the way it is displayed.

Then checked balance saw it was right and was fastest withdrawal i ever made. Never will know if it was correct or a mistake since game was just launched. Needless to say i was never going to query it and 2 days later money in bank and xmas sorted lol.


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Oct 10, 2012
Mine was miraculously building up a 10k balance at gowild from small bets then going on a massive tilt on dolphin pearls deluxe almost losing the lot, £5 spins, then £10,£20 and finally £40. Go down to £1500 and go to bed. Furious. Cant sleep. Go back to the laptop and think f it and begin playing again. Third spins hit bonus and retriggers 5 times on £40 spin. £19,600 win. Almost cry with relief ;)


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Jun 3, 2013
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Mine is a very special one and I still cherish it on this day.
I did not gain anything from gambling but it is kind of related.

Back in 2014 I did my very first CM quiz and had some great response to that from members and from casino reps.
It was a huge success and some charities did benefit from the quiz as well which was a great thing.

During the weeks I was doing the quiz I had a break in my house and they took quite some valuables, most was insured and I got compensated for that weeks after but it was the actual fact strangers had been in our house and ravaged it.
Anyway, I decided to carry on with the quiz and when the last week was finished and the winners were announced one of the casino reps involved in the quiz did something truly amazing. (Igor from Bet-At).

He donated €1000.00 to Dunover,s charity which was absolutely fantastic but not only that, he also put €1000.00 in my Bet-At casino account which I was able to withdraw without any wagering to be done, as a thank you gift.

I still get emotional thinking about that day as it showed how great this community was back in 2014 and still is today.
I remember how happy I was for Dunover too as this charity meant a lot personally to him.

Needless to say the €1000.00 I received was spent mostly on my wife and kids on our family holiday and not a penny of that was used for gambling.

Amazing experience which I will never ever forget.

I have some gambling related stories too, will think which was the best and the worst one and share them at some stage. :)


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Aug 29, 2012
I'd post my best gambling tales if I haven't flogged that horse about six times already. Same as my most spectacular slotting kamikaze extravaganza - I've typed that one at least eight times. Even new members are sick of hearing of it and can recite it word for word :eek2:

What happened to the merging of threads eh? Lazy bastards :D


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Aug 13, 2018
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One of my best is when I was still studying in uni I was a right piss head, had been out all night lost my purse doing the walk of shame (live in city centre) goes into my pocket and finds a fiver straight into cashino just threw the fiver straight into reel king on 50p last spin and the reel king king pot drops in and it was gold :) £500 thank you very much hahaha eased the pain of losing my purse! Another great memory is being half asleep playing extra chilli and you know the rest ;-)


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Dec 5, 2016
I had a great one in Ladbrokes bookies many years ago , they had a free tournament where you had something like 15 minutes of free play on Rainbow Riches to get the £500 jackpot , if you managed it you would get the cash for real.
Literally last spin before the time ran out pressed the pie gamble frantically, got to the £500 but thought I might have just gone over time.

The lady said to come back the next day as she had to verify with head office...

Next day walked out with a free £500. Thanks Ladbrokes


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Nov 29, 2017
I am not writing on my own behalf, but more of like a story that happend to a friend of mine. The guy went out that day, asking for the car of another friend, he said he would bring it back within 30 minutes or so. So he got the car, litterally races towards the landbased casino, dumped the car in front of the building with emergency lights on and a open bonnet like it had problems or so.

Goes in, starts playing roulette and blackjack, phone is ringing for like an hour or so from his friend wanting his car back, the guy is up 10k in like 2 hours, peaks and crashes down completely. So around 5 hours later after coming in, he gave up, went back outside, people surrounding the car like if it was involved in an accident or so. Battery completely dead because of the turned on lights and so on. They had to push start it on the streets to get it back running. His friend completely pissed.

So a week later, he and i went in together, after we came in he was taken apart, and like 5 minutes later released again. I asked him what was that about... then he told me the above story. Lmao. :D



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Jan 28, 2011
Maybe my best story:

Has to do with CM of course. Its 2016 and Captain Rizk does a great promo for a trip at their office (Malta). And I won!! I won the trip for two to Malta!! You may have seen the story in CM awards. That is when I first met Bryan, my first inside look at a casino, my first time in a 5-star hotel, first time to Malta ........ and a lot more. :)

But there was more to the story. The package came with 500 euro spending money. Just before the trip I took the risk to play with some of it.
Reason was an offer too good to pass on. There was an achievements promo at a game I was playing all the time (one of the MG respin ones). You get the achievement you get the cash (bonus). The harder the bigger.... I started low and worked my way through all the achievements!

At the end the WR I had to go through was close to 40k IIRC. But I made it with a nice 25,000 cashout (total of 4-5 smaller ones)!! First part of the money was paid during my trip to Malta and I must say I spoiled myself a bit with it :oops:;)
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Dec 13, 2017
My worst memory is definitely the first time I won a big chunk of cash back in February 2018: €2100. I was so happy about it and thought I couldn't lose. Well, turned out I could and less than a week later it was all gone.

Atleast it happened quite early in my "career" and it always stuck with me. Yes, I've given back chunks of money on occasion but have never done the same thing again of giving it all back in one fell swoop. Blessing in disguise.


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Mar 14, 2017
One night I put £800 through Lucky Lady's Charm on 80p a spin without triggering the feature. Got down to my last 14p, switched to 7 lines @ 2p a line, pressed spin and 3 scatters came in. The feature went for £2.12, which I lost in the next two spins. If anyone living nearby had been looking out of their window at that moment, they would have seen a wireless mouse flying through my balcony doors and smashing into pieces on the road outside.


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Jan 28, 2011
Another top story came to my mind just now.

It was January 2011 and I won almost €15 cash at an MG tournament (good old MG days) at GoWild casino. It was a remarkable day bacause after many many hrs of play with that €15 I managed a cashout of €2,500!! :cheerleader:

Well, not so fast. Because I was a newbie at GoWild and haven't deposited yet, they claimed a "free sign up bonus" term and wanted to only pay €100! :mad:

Of course their terms said nothing about cash from an MG tournament (they added it later).

And that was the reason I found CM. I googled "gowild problem" and there it was. It really opened my eyes.
I did my "homework", signed up, contacted the rep and when unsuccessful I started a PAB.

It was late April when the amazing Max informed me that they agreed to pay in full. And a week later money were in my bank. :cheerleader::cheerleader:


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May 13, 2014
Only the short version but reading some of the posts here made me think a lot of new members have joined since and may not be aware of this. (No Paul & Goaty not that story :oops:)

As a regular poster a few years back, I made some simple comment in the once great Free Spins thread regarding "budget spent, It's going to be a boring weekend" or along those lines anyway.

A few hours later I get a PM pop up from Captain Rizk asking if he minds if he could run a promotion on his casino in my benefit, sure I reply with anticipation....

Basically I would get 2 super spins (worth £1) for every £20 ANY CM member deposited at Rizk over the next few days! (as best memory serves, this was the criteria :oops:)

The amazing community here, helped me amass a HUGE 850 spins for use across Magic Portals, Twin Spin and Jack Hammer.

Not to be a greedy grabber, I ran 2 competitions and gave away two prizes of 50 and 100 spins also.

Captains main idea was not for me to go on a gambling frenzy but for me to scoop some "free cash" to take the kids on holiday / out etc.

Spins did not go too well but I did withdraw and then with the leftovers go on to fluke a DoA wild line with plenty of spins remaining with the wild line in place!!!

Needless to say, the holiday happened, I will be forever grateful to all involved, especially at the time I was only a really light ond occasional depositor at Rizk.


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Jun 20, 2019
Very cool and interesting stories. Maybe after some more stories will be added here someone could make a very good article using them.
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