Slot RTP/Streamer question


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May 8, 2014
chelmsford UK
Sure, I guess my questions could relate to any average Joe hitting a 6 figure pay on a slot and how it changes the rtp for everyone else playing...but last time I checked I only see streamers hitting these kinds of wins. On top of that on fake casino sponsored money so they dont even have to pay out the win.

I don't buy for a minute peoples responses that it won't affect me playing the same game if someone is on casino money pulling out a 5000+x win on a 20 dollar bet. etc. That game can't just keep spitting out ridiculous wins or it wouldn't allign with the hold % on that slot. I believe years ago when things were more transparent and honest.

Streamer play affects nothing.

If they pull a 5000X win out they have probably spent 10 times the amount, but not shown you the boring bits.

Example. Roistein spinning £100 spins and wins £100,000, that's only 1000x.

1000 spins at 3 seconds a spin is only 50 mins. The losses soon mount up.

So if anything streamers with their 500% bonuses should be turning the RTP slightly in the players favour. But in reality there's no where near enough of them to ever notice a difference


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May 21, 2020
i am actually looking for a streamer or someone experienced with twitch and igaming platforms. if you know anybody please send me a message.