Slot millions limit email ?


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Jul 25, 2014
United Kingdom
Just had an email.from.slotmillions
They are lucky if I spend £100 a year with them lol
And now they want to oddly a max deposit of £300 a deposit lol and how do they think they know what my
Think I visit there site maybe 4-5 times.a year and each despoit if they are lucky is £20 lol
Anyone else had this


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Jan 12, 2018
Yes I got one not that I play there often. That site has always been my nemesis.


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Aug 21, 2017
More and more these will be seen as part their responsibilities, on another hand, this can be more convenient than surprise SOW request when you have pending withdrawal. This gives everybody chance to complete SOW check by sending these payslips and bank statements or what so ever funds people are playing.

We have few threads here were poster might have been happy about this approach instead of triggering SOW checks as surprise when having pending withdrawal. That £300 a month should be quite safe to casino that most of players don't ruin their lives by loosing that and doing SOW voluntarily it can be raised based on financial situation. Also would assume that easily casino can't get trouble if someone laundering £300 a month there as that shouldn't be very alarming yet (of course deposit methods, game patterns etc... will count, if would launder money in casinos, of course would do it in many places and so little at time that it don't ring any bells, but if using own card or other non anonymous payment method, would say that that's quite safe limit).

Quite big decision to be first one to implement such a thing than default limit, quite many highrollers reach it in very short time and might change place, but again all can complete that SOW to get their limits raised, but for sure not easy decision to be first one with this (not last one for sure).

That's of course different story that all can play £300 in 50 different places and get in trouble, but casinos so far are only responsible how much they take players money themselves (waiting UKGC idea about national database where all deposit amounts are collected and these limits come also nationwide....).


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May 6, 2019
Actually, I think it's a good thing that the casino limits your potential loss unless you prove you can afford more. I would say that is responsible gaming in a nutshell

I think it's a good idea too.

1000x better than the scummy practice of holding a withdrawal to ransom.