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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast, USA
I don't usually take bonuses, but every once in a while I will take an initial bonus at a new (to me) casino to try them out. This ad for Slot Fever that came as an email intrigued me. The first line was of course large, bold and in color. The remainder was small and barely distinguishable from the background. Not unusual, but I skimmed the first two lines and decided 12x wasn't too bad - I didn't usually play the non-eligible games, anyway.


TEXT (first two lines}: "Conditions: Bonus cannot be used on Pontoon, Baccarat, Craps, Multi-Player Poker, Bingo and Roulette until bonus requirements are met. Coupon YTU7D requires wagers of 12x "

I almost stopped right there, but I am glad I continued reading to the next line:

"deposit and bonus on Slots to cash out. Valid through May 4th "

Two points: 1) Although video pokers, blackjack, etc are not listed in the ineligble games, the next line says you must wager only on slots to meet the WR. 2) This came in my email on May 15, 11 days after the valid through date!

Is this a standard sort of bait and switch or are lots of casinos doing this? Do they hope you will deposit, try for the bonus, only to be told it's past the eligible date and have such weird withdrawal policies you end up playing up your deposit?

Anyone know much about SlotFever casino?
Never been emailed promotions that have expired myself!

Either it is a honest mistake or they are sleazy! You can always talk
to support first, better email then you have a record of what they
say if you need to argue with them later.
Its most likely from a scumbag spammer affiliate. They don't care about expiration dates of coupons, etc.
Slot Fever

I have played at their sister casino, Vegas Magic, for over a year now. I have had no problems with them whatsoever. If you have a question and pose it to support they usually answer you right away. I get a lot of unsolicited freebie money from them. My only gripe is they take 2-4 days to approve a NETeller withdrawal. They are very nice people. My friend has gotten freebie money from them for pointing out their typos.
I too have played at Vegas Magic and enjoyed the play and found their customer service people to be ery nice. I do not play there now because I have stopped using credit cards to deposit, and they do not accept Firepay or Citadel (Neteller does not operate in my state).

Enjoying Vegas Magic does not change the problems with this email solicitation from their sister casino.
Kalysa16 said:
see my posting of a few minutes ago....

I don't recognize any of the names in this thread, so I doubt they will :) Might want to check the thread date before posting...this one is 2 years old :D

btw, Welcome!
It's indeed old but still all up-to-date. -These fellows have not improved any aspect ever since this thread has been created.
However, there was no need to bump it as Kalysa had already posted about it in her other thread here.

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