Slot Fever Casino confiscated $2,500


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... my total winnings on a technicality that they won't or can't prove!!! First, they send me an email that my $2,500 has been deposited into NeTeller and gave me the transaction code. Then, when I didn't see it in my NeTeller account I called Slot Fever Casino's customer service (I swear the same woman answers the phone all the time using different names) and they inform me that they've rescinded my $2,500 because I went into video poker before I completed the play through. Not so, my friends! However, they said they've given me their final answer. We'll see...

They have the WORST customer service I've seen ever. I have asked the Casinomeister to intervene. This casino has cost me several hundred dollars since confiscating the money that they emailed me that they sent.

On the flip side, I may not win consistently here, but ALL SLOT CASINO has the BEST customer service and payout policy to date.



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This Casino belongs to Vegas Magic who have been pulling up this nasty stunt ever since their creation. Read about it in this thread.

Either way, I am wishing you good luck in collecting your funds even though playing there was your own responsibility and you should/ could have know more before puttin in your funds there.
I myself know though how tempting some of the good promotions at the yucky outfits are... :p