Slot Fever Casino confiscated $2,500


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Mar 17, 2006
southern california, usa
... my total winnings on a technicality that they won't or can't prove!!! First, they send me an email that my $2,500 has been deposited into NeTeller and gave me the transaction code. Then, when I didn't see it in my NeTeller account I called Slot Fever Casino's customer service (I swear the same woman answers the phone all the time using different names) and they inform me that they've rescinded my $2,500 because I went into video poker before I completed the play through. Not so, my friends! However, they said they've given me their final answer. We'll see...

They have the WORST customer service I've seen ever. I have asked the Casinomeister to intervene. This casino has cost me several hundred dollars since confiscating the money that they emailed me that they sent.

On the flip side, I may not win consistently here, but ALL SLOT CASINO has the BEST customer service and payout policy to date.

This Casino belongs to Vegas Magic who have been pulling up this nasty stunt ever since their creation. Read about it in this thread.

Either way, I am wishing you good luck in collecting your funds even though playing there was your own responsibility and you should/ could have know more before puttin in your funds there.
I myself know though how tempting some of the good promotions at the yucky outfits are... :p

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