Mar 12, 2018
Hi can anyone help me I have been a member of slingo for over a year now I withdrew for the first time last months no issue , I then tried to withdraw again but they needed is etc which I submitted but I stupidly done reverse withdrawal and played it all back, anyway fast forward to tonight o deposit £100 within about 30mkns my balance is £467 I go to withdrAw and it won’t let me, so I go on live chat and the guy says I have more than one account so he blocks my account immediately, I explained I only had one account any way what will happen to my balance surly they shouldn’t of been accepting my deposits if they thought I had more than one account any way I looked and t and c and came across this dose this mean il get my deposit back at least!? I have emailed complaints I also see they say on another of theee other sites but said I would be contacted which I never was ! X any help greatly appreciated they have had 1000’s odd me in last year ! X