Slingo anyone?


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Mar 19, 2008
Would be interested to know if anyone else plays the Slingo games and what their stratagies ansd favorite games are.
The games can be very dangerous to play,even on minimum stake you end end up staking silly and its very easy to
blow your balance.
I have been pretty lucky, went from well down to well up due to a big win I still have no idea how I got.
In my opinion there are only 2 games that are viable, extreme and cascade,with all the others you dont really know
what you are playing for as the returns for each level are not set.
The latest version is Centurion Slingo which is really dire, its hard to get onto the ladder in the first place and the features
at each level are way too volatile,its quite possible to get 15 free spins which may have cost £20 on 20p base stake and not
get a single winning spin.Another which is shite is Slingo Showdown where you have get a winning poker hand and the ladder gives
multipliers for each slingo line achieved,problem there is it doesnt matter how many slingo lines you get , you win nothing
if you dont have a poker hand which is awarded at random.
I can get some good playtime on extreme and cascade but its very easy to lose your profit chasing wins that dont happen.
Very clever games but not ones for the fainthearted or beginners


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Aug 9, 2012
I have played most versions of these. All are set at around 95% or thereabouts but not sure how this is calculated in respect of optimal play.

My favourites are Rainbow Riches, Centurion and Deal or no deal, all of which are batshit scary for the potential to cost bucket loads. Have been mostly lucky so far but am being very careful with the amount I give them. Even on min stake you can easily lose well in excess of £100 in one game if you chase the full house.

They recently released a WWTBAM version which frankly looks a bit rubbish but the feature based ones are very addictive. If I’m completely honest I think these are more irresponsible than bonus buys by some stretch but designers don’t seem to give a monkeys about that anymore.

I can potentially see a government stake cap coming online with the methods being used to get people to part with their money.