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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Apart from being the evil computer, hell bent on destruction of all mankind in 'The Terminator' films, anyone heard of SkyNet Casino?

I can't find any references to it on casino directories - looks like a new RTG on the block!

They catch the eye by offering 10,000% bonus! No, my comma is not in the wrong place (it's actually 10 x a 999% bonus - but that's close enough)

It's obviously a 'sticky' slots-only bonus - which is not worth a spit (in my opinion), but it's so big I might be tempted to have a go just for the entertainment value! But in the extremely unlikely event that I should win something - does anyone know if they are OK / belong to an OK group?
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snuf419 said:
if you try downloading it, you will see it is actually Connecttocasino in disguise
Thanks for that! But is that a good thing or a bad thing???

I have seen some negative player posts about them, but they're not on the Meisters 'Evil' list.

Maybe I'll just give them a go myself for a few bucks, and see what happens...
Don't expect to get paid. This is just a small excerpt from their long list of no-pay excuses:

"we haven't received your faxback form" -> although you sent it in several times

"you are a bonus abuser" -> even if you didn't play with one, look here:

"you have more than one account" -> one of the most common excuses...

In my opinion one of the worst RTG casinos (along with hampton, portofino, and destination poker)
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OK, thanks!

I may have a go 'just for fun' anyway - but with my eyes wide open!

I just had this little live chat with them:-
You are now chatting with 'Paula'
Paula: Hello, Thank you for choosing Please provide me your username (if you are an existing player) along with your question so I may assist you more efficiently.
you: I clicked a link to download SkyNet casino - but got 'Connect to casino'. Why is that?
Paula: We are related casinos :)
you: Why advertise as 'SkyNet' - when that casino does not exist?
Paula: The casino exist but is related to Connectocasino
Paula: Is a specific site we have for promotions
you: Oh! Why can't I download SkyNet casino then?
Paula: Because that site is only for promotions
you: So it's not actually a casino then?
Paula: Not at this moment
you: OK - thanks. Bye.
Paula: You are welcome!
Paula: You have a wonderful day!

So there we have it! She tells me 'SkyNet' exists, then admits that it doesn't!
This is how I ended up at 'Virtual' many moons ago - after I tried to download 'DotCasinoNet'!

You have to ask why they do this?
I can't think of any legitimate or logical reason for it - only shady reasons!
Can anyone suggest a good reason for this policy?
Still :confused:
OMG! :thumbsup:
What? :eek:
I don't believe it! :notworthy

So I decided to give it a bash anyway!
They gave me a free $55 to play with - so nothing to lose.

This can only be wagered on Slots or European Slot Poker.
I've never heard of this second game, and their website is less than informative.
So I thought I'd just give it a go with min. coins and see how it works.
I had not the faintest idea what I was doing, or what was going on - but I do know that on about my 7th go I hit the JACKPOT!

Isn't that just typical? At least I had stuck my neck out & put 10c on it - so I won $100!

Now all I have to do is wager $2,199.20 on slots without losing - and I'll be a happy bunny!
(If they pay out, that is! ;) )
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Hee hee! That's great!! :D

Mind you - what is going on with those graphics!?!? It's worse than Cryptologic!! I couldn't sit and look at that for $2000 something something dollars! :eek2:
You've never seen RTG before??? :confused:

You seriously think I've got ANY chance of wagering $2000 on slots???
I'll be lucky to get to $200!

You've gone very quiet about your 'Roulette Adventure'.
What happened - did you bottle out or blow out? ;)
Tomorrow night!!!

The 1 credit experiment went swimmingly well, just hope the bigger bets go similar!!! We had to put it off a few days, but it's all on for tomorrow!!!

Will be sure to report before and after screenshots :D
Slotster! said:
Will be sure to report before and after screenshots :D
I certainly look forward to seeing your screen-shots!
But please don't post any mug-shots if you guys lose - that could be well ugly! :D

May your balls drop just the way you hope they will!
Good luck!!! :thumbsup:

PS: I'll let you know how far I get into the $2,199.20 wagering requirement I get before the inevitable happens!
i do not bother to look it up
but there must be somewhere that says max payout 1x or 2x freechip...

RTG slots are fair, so you have a good chance of keeping a good chunk of that $2000, but do you think they really will pay you?
snuf419 said:
RTG slots are fair, so you have a good chance of keeping a good chunk of that $2000, but do you think they really will pay you?
Dunno. But don't really care either because I would put my chances of meeting WR at 1%, or less!
I'm just playing for fun! So far I'm having it - I nearly wet myself laughing when that jackpot dropped!

One VERY dodgy thing I've noticed about that 'Slot Poker' though - sorry - two things!
a) They use a 'deck' of 141 cards, but nowhere that I can find, do they tell you how many of each fruit is in that deck! So you have no idea what is most likely to hit when you draw.
b) They charge you TWICE for each hand! I was betting 2-coins per go, and assumed it worked the same a video poker. But then I realised my bank was going down far too quickly. Then I noticed they were charging 2-coins for the initial deal, and ANOTHER 2 coins when I drew!
Who's ever heard of a game like that???

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