Sky Casino stealing my bonus

Mr Shine

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I got lucky, (or thought I did!) and span in the feature on Age of the Gods at Sky Casino. The casino then crashed. When the casino was back up and running I was looking forward to continue my bonus, but they had voided it. When I complained, the first guy claimed there was no fault at all, I explained the problem: (I was guaranteed 9 enhanced spins with a fixed wild and a rising multiplier, plus the conclusion of those spins takes you back to the hub where you can retrigger the bonus indefinitely until you select the bad tile, with the good tiles regenerating each time. I would guess it was worth a 50xstake value on average.) The second guy transferred it to the "Casino team", (so what were the first guys then?) where someone emailed me with a "goodwill gesture" of 9 basic spins, with a 10x WR on any winnings. I emailed back that was no way equivalent to what I had lost. I got no further response even after asking them to call me. Sky Casno are a joke.


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They are very well known for not responding to anything. They pay and everything but support issues they seem to just dump in the garbage and forget about it


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Wow I would be p**sed about that.. that's weird though because usually games DO remember the action and continue where you left off or sometimes restart the bonus round . Makes me wonder if we should always play with a screen recorder running or some such thing so we have proof if any problems arise

9 freespins with a WR and no doubt at the lowest bet level too. That's pretty insulting


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Unfortunately Sky are no longer accredited here (yes, they're MY favourite casino) firstly for retrospectively changing affiliate terms and secondly their rep dropped off the Radar and they were no longer keen to participate here so Max posted a warning a wile ago. Hitherto they were a 9.3 rated outfit so it was a bit annoying.

Right, malfunction issues are always above the knowledge and pay grade of CS agents wo really don't know how to deal with them. Games usually do store a result for the spins, and if so that result should have been restored. The chances are it wouldn't have retriggered, but I have also noticed at Sky if you use certain settings and browsers, namely IE games sometime do stall. Rhino plays up in IE on big wins and BGT ones won't even open.

I don't know what actually happened here, but it wouldn't surprise me in the above had something to do with it.

Mr Shine

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It was definitely a sitewide crash at Sky. Instead of the casino, for about 10 minutes their page was just a notice saying there were technicasl difficulties.