Sky Casino, faulty Blackjack and no help?


Nov 18, 2021
Hi all, new member here but I’ve seen this site before, not sure what to do as have a situation with Sky Casino and don’t know how to resolve or anything,

I don’t play much, deposited a small amount a couple of weeks ago and played their Free Chip Blackjack game by PlayTech. When I was playing I noticed a round where I doubled down, got 19 and dealer bust. Then my bet pushed and my free double lost? But it was going that fast I thought, ok maybe dealer got 22 and I push or something, whatever

a couple of hands later, same thing, dealer busts 25 and I have 21, and my bet gets paid as push, umm ok! I contacted their live chat and their advisor plus their supervisor looked into it then sent it off to their faults team, agreeing there was an issue.

I had an email back from Sky the other day, saying that their technical specialists have looked into it and the game has paid correctly and they can’t replicate the issue and if I have any more evidence to send it to them?? What the hell? It’s clearly in the hand history and I have the screenshots attached! And the whole reason it was sent over in the first place was because their live chat saw the same results. I had to borrow a friends laptop to get up the hand history because you can’t even view it on mobile.

what am I supposed to do next, they are denying anything has happened? And as far as I am aware any malfunction should void all bets/ plays on the game. So just a warning also, don’t play this game unless I am missing something blatant? lol. Any help appreciated, thanks


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Never played that game, but often with free chips you don't get your stake back - only the win above the stake. Could that be it?
As boycie2 pointed out it is correct, due to the bust from the upcard 10 rule.

So they are correct and push.

There is loads of newer BJ games with some dodgy rules a couple of other killer ones are dealer bust on 22 is push and dealer bust with 3 cards is push. YUK !

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