Skill games or Chance games


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Mar 4, 2011
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Which do you think is the most entertaining game in casinos?
Those skill games or those games of chance?

What game are you in always?

I love playing chance game most of the time like slots, or roulette.

Although I play skill games too, but when it comes to enjoying the casino, I play those base on chance casino games.
I personally prefer skill games for the most part. Video Poker and Blackjack are my two favorite casino games, but I find when playing online casinos I play more slots - finding a slot machine that really clicks with you just keeps you coming back for more. If I had to guesstimate I'd say about 85% skill games 15% chance games
I play Poker and Black but not that much.
Well, If I'm in the mood to make money, I play such skill games.

But when I feel like just enjoying, I prefer testing my luck on chance games.

If I am going to estimate the percentage too, around - 40% skill games, 40% chance games, the remaining 20% would be random. :D
To each his own :D

Blackjack can be a lot of fun, but I've usually walked away with more more at Video Poker and Slots. As long as you are having fun that is really all the matters... I remember my first Craps experience (years ago) at a land-based casino was so crappy :)rolleyes:) that I didn't even look at the game for another 5 years. I enjoy playing Craps too, but not as much as the Blackjack and Video Poker, and Slots
I really like to switch between games a lot in order to not get bored. Skill games or classic casino games, I like them all :)
Chance mainly. Though I play 3-card poker at land-based sometimes. Prefer the rush of a big hit on slots or VP myself while BJ, poker and roulette bore me.

As for multi-player skill games (ie: playing against other people) can't get past the feeling that the other side may be cheatng, colluding or using bots, so I avoid.
I also enjoy this games- poker & Black. I love play such skill games.

Skill games are those which improve your mental abilities, educational skills etc. There are lot of skill games available in the online which I play mostly like poker. These games will gives us lot of entertainment as well as improves your skills.

I enjoy the rush.

Hi Maria

Personally I think someone on a Mauritian IP address who thinks they are in London might be better off with a game of chance rather than a game of skill. But good luck anyway. :D


As others have mentioned, I also prefer a good mix of skill/chance. Depends on my mood, poker would be my skill game and when that gets boring mixing it up with some slots seems like a good formula for entertainment.

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