Sister sued for 50,000 bingo win


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Thing is though

You would never find out the true story, there either was an agreement or there wasn't. Each party will stick to their story. As the old saying goes, " you can pick your friends but not your family"
Personally I have one or two really good mates who i would trust more than some family members and thats because it has been proven over the years.


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I think the winner's story would be more believable if not for this...

Mrs Sexton claims they had made a variation on the agreement in October 2006, deciding that any payment over 1,000 did not need to be shared.
...which proves that there was some sort of agreement. On the other hand, one of the sisters' argument is equally weak:

We always thought it was a binding agreement between three sisters.
It will be interesting to see how it turns out.


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Who said what?

An oral agreement is a judicially sound and acceptable arrangement if found to be a contractual agreement by the presiding judge. It is then up to the court to determine the validity and actual terms of the agreement between all involved participants.