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Just gotta tell you -

Received this bit of email hype
Message reads :
"Hello C.....,
You've been missing out on the fun at Ruby Fortune. To welcome you back we have deposited a Mystery Amount in your account.
Enjoy playing ALL our latest games now. Log in to find out how much we've deposited and rediscover the magic of Ruby Fortune.
For more information and to download the latest version of our Viper Casino software, click here.
Get back to winning" signed (promotions mgr?)

Pianoman decides "What th... let's see what they're up to"?

So yeah, I do the the download, install and look:
Right .... TEN BUCKS!!!
No reference to Terms and Conditions however?

Wry smile here and negatively plunge into auto play @ 1 cent per line. That's 30c per spin and soon - of course - it's down to a balance of $1.76.
That's when the wins start!
Double the stake... more wins -
Knowing it can't possibly last, I hit the "max bet" button.
Couple of hours of this and balance is now $300 plus.
Big deal thinks me.

Go for broke!
Hit the big bet button a few more times and watch the balance dwindle to $150.
Not concerned really... It's THEIR MONEY!!!!!!
Never expect to win. Me? I always start to lose just before playthrough requirement's met...
Thinks to self - typical fools paradise stuff:
Probably a max withdrawal of $50 bucks as usual and faxed ID details plus a DEPOSIT required to cash out.

Email support to ask "what gives here?"
1/ Can I cash out or is there a "Limit" of some sort?
2/ Do I actually need to cash out???

Here's their reply:

"You will be pleased to know that the cash balance of $150.04 that is in your account is available for withdrawal. Should you wish to withdraw that amount, it will be released to your Neteller account"


Ruby Fortune - The Pianoman thanks you.
CM members: what would you do?
Cash out or keep playing?

Pianoman :thumbsup:


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Cash out $100 and buy some beers to drink while you play the's free money so win-win for you :thumbsup:



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Before you continue with your marketing campaing, you should read rules of this forum and remove your links till you have time.
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pianoman says:

Thanks KK - thanks to you too Uther ...

Both good suggestions -
half took Uther up on his; Already had the beer. So I drank, played, drank, played some more using that balance and Hey
doubled it again!
Got close to $300 now...

KK that now looks a mighty fine idea.

What a great result though, with a mere $10 start from Ruby Fortune and slots that didn't wanna go cold even after repeat visits and prolonged play?

Now if only I can just duplicate that at another 20 casinos I'll be back to square again!!! :cool:


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G'day Old boy and long time no hear from you.

Can I ask how those gunds went that you had??- did you end up getting them sold for that old fellow?

I remember you coming here a while back asking if anyone was interested, the photo's looked awesome to say the least.

Glad to see you are doing well though.


Same_old in cold sunny Alice Springs

Oh-P.S cashout at least $1300 and keep the two hundered and change to play with.


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Oh you mean the guns!

Not sold as far as I know same-old.
Made an "OzPianoman Guns" youtube video seen by around 20000 people so far. Blows em away you might say ...
But we're still looking for a celeb with money (or a big casino winner)

Melbourne Fine sunny mild 2 DAYS in ROW!
And its mid winter almost...

Been hovering here occasionally - kept losin at 32Red.
Sorta one sided loyalty actually and really couldn't find anything to write about here at the forum, but this sure was a nice change.

Anybody else wondering what "the guns" is about :what: take a look at my profile.



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Sorry mate guns not gunds,

Yeah anybody and everybody check pianomans profile out, he has a set of guns there he is trying to sell for an old gentleman, they are mind blowing to say the least.

Good to see you gettingone up over the casino matey, keep it up.

I will be in Melbourne over Xmas- got some family in Brighton and Warragul.

may see you about!!


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I suppose him just winning was sinister enough let alone $1500 on a $10 chip...


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Don't be sorry...

Im sorry but, what is so 'sinister' about a free 10 bucks?
I was gonna use the title "pubic hair"
But I thought "sinister" (with a Question mark) more appropriate in view of all the emails one receives from rogues and others, that gmail and others warn about not opening - because they may not be from whom they claim to be?

... and I was in a good mood mate!

Next time I will choose a less confronting thread title like mesotheomilomineomanama or bazonka
or sumpin...

Anyhow it was guns not gunds
and at the time, it wasn't 1500
it was just 150 !!!

Added some more - so I cashed out $200

And BLEW the rest.

Nuff said?