single deck BJ @ player's club casino


Dormant account
Mar 11, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
deposited $100 + $100 bonus
so i cautiously ventured into single deck BJ
mixed it up with regular whenever i hit a bad streak

i played it safe with $10 hands until i had built up a decent $400 bankroll
then bet $25
i had some wild ups and downs... up to $600.. down to $25... then back up to $800
single deck blackjack is by no means a guaranteed winner
but i'm having a decent run on player's club
so i give it a thumbs up :thumbsup:
and although they charge $10 for a bank wire transfer
i was able to request $500 withdraw without waiting for my "security code" in the mail
anything over the first $500 needs the security code

and ... i deposited money via citadel yesterday...
that means the money didn't even clear my bank yet
but they're still allowing me to withdraw my winnings

can't complain about that
because this past week.. i've been having bad luck with not being able to withdraw my money in time... while waiting for the funds to clear... and eventually playing it.. and losing it all
after blowing some more money at various casinos... i came back to player's club...

i had avoided playing here again because the first win was pretty good... and i couldn't expect to do it again
but after bad losing streaks at omni, sands, goldenpalace, intercasino, lucky nugget and others... i figured it was worth a try

i deposited $50.. lost it after a good 2 hours of slow play
deposited another $50... and after 30 minutes of aggressive play... i'm sitting on $500 again

i love player's club single deck BJ :thumbsup:
cannot be anything other than luck
i've learned that the hard way on many different casinos

but you know what's funny?
now.. i can almost guess what the next card will be on many occasions...
i think i've been playing too much

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