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Jun 19, 2004
Got this from another forum.... what do you think about this?

Pick any two Dozens and place one unit on all the numbers of a same color (12 numbers). Now, place a 12-unit outside bet on the opposite color.

Ex: with a $1 unit, cover all red numbers within the first two Dozens ($12 total). Now place a $12 bet on Black.

If a black number shows up, you will get your bets back.
If a red number from your two Dozens shows up, you make $12 in profit.
If a red number from the other Dozen shows up, you lose all your bets.

Without changing anything to the position of your bets, keep placing the same bets over and over again. Now see how often you will win and how often you will lose.

You may want to cover the zero(s) with one or half a unit.

It sounds like a bad idea to me.

Keeping in mind that Roulette is a high casino edge game, why would you want to play any strategy where half the time you only break even on your bet -- and the most you can win is half your bet?

If you're betting big for small wins, the casino is getting maximum advantage of their 2.7% edge with little risk on their part. It is going to be difficult for you to put together a string of significant wins that hurts them.

Essentially what the strategy is doing is covering 12 red numbers and 18 black numbers with slightly varying amounts. That's a whopping 30 out of 37 numbers. Or 31 out of 37 if you stick something on the 0 too.

Take it to a slightly further extreme and you'll see the fallacy. Cover 36 numbers with $1 each. With each spin you either break even or lose $36. I'll cover that action for you. :)
tried it and ended up down by a few k.

My favourite tactic is to simply choose one number (23) and surround it with chips like the attached.
razormedia said:
tried it and ended up down by a few k.

My favourite tactic is to simply choose one number (23) and surround it with chips like the attached.

Spooky - 23 is my lucky number too!!
Ok, as long as we're all confessing to playing this horrible (edge-wise) game... :)

Here's my strategy: I decide how what payoff I want (2:1 at minimum for me to play this game) and determine how many numbers I have to cover to get that.

Then I put an equal number of chips on the 0 and several numbers on either side of it, as they appear on the wheel.

That makes watching the ball spin around much more interesting... the bright green 0 is easy to spot, and adds suspense as the ball starts to slow, slow... drop... and... BINGO! (Well, not usually the last part, hehe).

I usually like about 9 numbers, which is almost a 25% chance of winning.

Cover numbers starting with zero and continue as long as you want, in this order (see attached picture and it will make sense):

0 26 32 3 15 35 19 12 4 28 21 7 2 29 25 18 17 ...

Try it, you'll like it! Then go play a better game. :)
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Here's what a 9-number Green Zone* bet looks like. $9 pays $36.

* Trademarked, copyrighted, and patent-pending.

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