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So I was just playing multi-hand blackjack at a Rival brand casino, while watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. You might not have needed to know that but someone might have wanted to know. Anyway, so I placed max bets for all hands and received 10-10 (20), 9-2 (11), and 10-2 (12). Well on the 10-10 hand I pressed the hit button, as I was sadly enthralled in the TV show. Immediately I received an error message stating something to the effect of "you have a hand of 20 are you sure you want to hit?"

That small little message inspired me to continue playing even though I had planned on withdrawing after the hands. They easily could have allowed me to hit the hand and lose...well I guess I could have received an "A," but the point is they didn't. Such a simple concept, yet so many casinos don't have it.

It made me wonder what other simple concepts should be in casino software, that would be small to institute yet make a big difference on a players game play? (that's a question by the way)
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There should be a warning popup like that accross ALL software platforms like NetEnt, Microgaming etc. so if you bt accident etc pressed max bet then this would come up while playing slots.

It would help loads of players I know also here at Meister has complained about :thumbsup:


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Realistic and Amaya/Chartwell give the warning as well. So easy to do but it makes it feel like a fairer game.