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Aug 3, 2004
new jersey
played betonusa casino today. only $175.00. i know these casinos are told to avoid but I was just curious about there systems. I played at silverstar about 6 months ago and lost about $800. I had serious questions about just how fair their blackjack felt. After todays bets I have some giant doubts that its fair. I would suggest avoiding these casinos at all costs which deal with the "EFT carribian processing" or whatever its called.

I really think I should reiterate about these casinos.,,, (EFS carribean processing...

Last time I played I had very bad results with $175. I recently won over 5k at another casino and had some $$ to burn. I decided to try $750 at

The blackjack is truly horrid. If you increase the stakes, you will be burned. If you try to inch up progressively, you will be burned. I tried a lot of systems but I have come to the conclusion that whatever software this is, it is too shady to play anymore. Although I wont use the "R" word, something is fishy. Lost 7 straight. Mostly large hands. I advise you to avoid these casinos especially if you bet large $$. It just feels too similar to the "casino on air" software to me...

btw they also offer free 4 free fedex withdrawls (value usually $50 each) no matter the amount. That has raised some red flags as well, you do the math.

If you have a different experience on these casinos, feel free to post i welcome all comments.
I Have to Disagree


Just read your comments on blackjack (only one on the list I have tried) and I do have to disagree. I think those guys run a tight ship over there and I actually have had quite a bit of luck with their software. I have been playing there on and off for last 2 years. They released this version of blackjack last summer and it was a tremendous improvement switching from a bright green felt to a nice soothing maroon felt which is better on the eyes for those long sessions.

There have been times where it seems like the cards just are not going your way at all, but it is no different when I drive down to the Bellagio or Mandalay Bay and get my A** kicked. There have periods where I have won a good amount and just knowing when to cash out for the day is a key factor.

As far as EFS processing on their site....I get more credit card transactions in their with no hassles than I ever have at Casino On Net, or Casino Tropez, etc...

To gets the thumbs up :thumbsup:
your certainly entitled to your opinion and im glad someone has had a positive experience there. However, I still maintain that these sites are dangerous. Also, they have been known for non-payment as well.

I play a great deal of blackjack. Too many times when I have 20 with a $200 bet on the table, dealer will have 21. This happens constantly with my play at these EFS sites. When I have 19, dealer will have 20. Especially with larger bets. Dealer busts a great deal less that normal it seems.

Also, yes credit cards will go through with EFS, but only because they route your purchase through one of their "easily changed" companys. For example, they may route your charge through "1 800 333 5025 NL". If and when Visa gets too many complaints or finds out that this company is masking their purchase codes, (merchants are required to send a 4 digit purchase code to the cardholders bank when charging anything on your visa card. this identifies what type of goods/service you are buying) they will change their company to maybe "1 800 333 5026 NL". get the idea? its not very hard to get a merchant account to accept visa cards from a visa member bank.

so the point is, this company is masking that purchase code to allow gambling transactions to slip through. a company with this little respect for visa, its banks etc, i would be willing to bet they have unfair blackjack. and my play there confirms just that, at least to me.
money in the door long as I can get money in the door with my VISA, and it is converted into chips that allows me to have a good time I really don't mind what they have to do to get this done. Welcome to online gambling where 95.5% of the industry probably does the same thing. is part of a publicly traded co. and it has never been slow in any of my withdrawals in the past few years.....and that to me is what really counts.

If you have found a place that pays out well and you like the games, and believe they pay well, why shop around...stay and have a good time. This is one place I believe has treated me well and that is why I continue to play. Plus I can use same account for sports, Horses, poker etc.....

I hope you find what you are looking for...good luck.

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