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Jun 5, 2004
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Admitedly, I played this place without knowing too much about it, so I guess ya reap what ya sow. Play was pretty normal, I got a bonus, cleared the wagering terms so nothing weird on that front.
Withdrew a couple months ago, I don't remember how I did this, I don't have any notes to myself saying it was odd in any way. Waited awhile, no money. Emailed them, but the email bounced back as being invalid or full or something. They have a Live Chat, but it's a joke. They are never there, and if you send them an email query through it, they never respond.
I have tried to contact them about every two weeks, but to no evail. Also, they don't have any phone support which I realize now should have been a serious red flag for me.
Now, I just checked my account and I see that my $580 balance is back in there. I don't know what to think about this, they certainly had no reason to not honor my cashout. But the really maddening thing is that I can't withdraw it. If you click on "cashout", it simply directs you to a vague paragraph in which it states that cashing out is easy if you follow the "cashout" button, you click "cashout" again, and it takes you right back to the unhelpful paragraph.... quite maddening.

So does anyone know anything about these guys? The total lack of any CS makes me think it's just a boiler room operation, and that they had no intention of ever giving me my money back. I'm hoping I won't have to PAB if there is a way to contact them through any experience one of you guys might have had there, it might be a simple misunderstanding, but I'm not holding my breathe.
An online casino bearing that domain has been around for several years, and was originally powered by Gaming Logix.

I think they went down the tubes having hit the headlines with things like a denied $100K Keno contest payout. Sam Mansour (if memory serves me right) was one of the villains in that case.

I haven't visited the place for ages, so I'm not sure what software they're using now.
I've never tried them myself, but just out of curiosity I tried to access the live chat.....I got a reply in about 20 seconds.

I this is true then I am really confused now. I have tried many times even since posting this thread, it's possible they are specifically ignoring my emails. As for actually getting through on their Live Chat, I am totally blown away, I still have never seen it do anything but imediately go to an email option without actaually Live Chatting.

In all seriousness, can you tell them from player "" that I want to know why my cashout isn't being processed? I have since figured out how to request the cashout again, so I'm crossing my fingers that they might condescend to honoring it this time. I can't contact them at all myself. Tell them I am going around trashing their casino on internet forums, and that it'll be bad for business if they don't at least get into contact with me. Thanks.
Well bbooze, I had was able to access livechat again today,and I had about a 15 minute chat with a Cynthia. She seemed pretty friendly and helpful, despite being weary of giving me information because it was not in fact my account. I did give her your email address, and after doing some checking, she told me she tried to email you twice today, but that the emails were being bounced back....she was going to try and emal you once again. She also said that you in fact have NOT finished meeting your wagering requirements, and told me to direct you to FAQ #5 in the banking section. Well I hope that helps.....maybe you are trying to access the live chat in the middle of the night....when they have a skeleton staff working, and probably no one is on live chat then?

Good luck!
They were definitely just feeding you a line though. I am positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only is my email working perfectly fine, but that I met their terms perfectly, I don't mess around with such matters.
I emailed them and invited them to come to this forum and explain what type of game they're trying to pull. My guess is that they are ignoring any emails that come from my address, but I am hopefull.
I don't know how in the holy name you have gotten them on the Live Chat twice, I have tried them morning, noon, and night for weeks and never once hit a person. I guess I'll have to be as childish as them and try to Live Chat using aliases and dummy emails, since it's obvious they are specifically ignoring my name when I try to chat.

This place is a joke.
paul02085 said:
I believe the keno fiasco was at Arcada Casino which was Gaming Logix.

Sorry, I should have posted with more clarity - I was referring to Gaming Logix as the oftware provider where Sam Mansour was the man at the time.

Arcada was indeed the specific casino using GL where the Keno fraud took place.
Well the squeaky gets the grease, I'm happy to say I have been paid.

Part of the issue seems to be that they retroactively applied some increased wagering terms to my account. I cleared the extra wagering in the interest of harmony, and got my cashout soon after.
Thanks a bunch to that guy that spoke to their Live Chat for me, I think that put just enough heat on them to go into "let's just get rid of this guy" mode.

I can't recommend to others that this is a good place to play though. They never started to reply to my messages until I snet numerous invitations to come to this forum (they declined). At the very least this is an extremely unprofessional outfit, even if refering to them as a boiler room operation was maybe a little harsh.

-issue resolved-
I never got their Live Chat to work, or their traditional email system. But they did finally respond to the "messages" you can leave if their Live Chat is going unanswered, which for me was every time of course.

Matter of interest - did you ever manage to establish what software this was?

No idea. I thinks it's called "Goofball Blackjack Where All Four Cards Are Dealt At Once Inc." It was fast though, so no complaints on speed; but I was having browser issues, and had to use an older Mac to actually play at the blackjack table.

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