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Jan 15, 2018
Gettin paid is another ball of wax entirely I am going to amaze you with the level of idiocy I have just experienced in the 17 months I'm still waiting to get an $1,800 payout from Silver Oak Casino.

. I've sent them the documents they were requested hundreds of times to every single customer service agent they have to their managers to the managers managers just to get a bill from where I live I don't pay bills where I live and that's what's holding up this whole show

. I have over 14 gigs of chats that you will not believe to place completely just ignoring the facts basically stalling me outright lies were also common just to get me to go away. I called again today give them one last chance I even sent them all the documents again in the chat window and on their email and they still didn't receive them so I guess I get to take it in the you know what I would like to see casinomeister get involved here or have a conversation with me because what they have done is really pretty shady and you'll have to read all the texts and conversations to understand

that I'm not going to sit here and be right them now because the texts and chats do it for them it's unbelievable the level of idiocy I've encountered all they had to do is give me the address where I could mail it to him the mailbox you know the old school way no they would not let me mail the documents to them

it boggles my mind that someplace can try to have a reputable business and deal with customers on that level they would boot me off the chat line they would block me from coming back on they've basically have just been as bad as unhelpful as I could possibly be

I tell you I have had a lot of bad customer service over the years the agents weren't bad but that company is really really on one. If anyone would like to read The Comedy of texts
I have please let me know when I will be glad to share them because they are quite entertaining it's still kind of a bitter pill to swallow because I could use the $1,800 I've done two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan and I feel more put out by these God damn fucking jockeys over here then the towel heads
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And it boggles my mind people put their hard earned money on any ol site without doing extensive research first.

from the nickname and the location of the OP, I guess he is from Italy

I am not saying that he did a clever thing to play at Silver Oak, but - as a partly excuse- I can understand italian players that after having tried the infameous ".it" casinos, take the risk to play at rogue casinos. They can't be worst. Again, not a good decision, but probably induced by frustration / desperation. Consider that we can't play at ANY of the CM accredited casinos.

Long story short, we have two alternatives: playing at italian casinos, where you can't win, or playing at rogue .com casinos, where you can't cash your winnings.

@OP: please resist, don't give up. Years ago I have been paid from Cirrus (same group of casinos if memory serves) and it took only 1year and half but I had all my winnigs, till last cent.
Long story short, we have two alternatives: playing at italian casinos, where you can't win, or playing at rogue .com casinos, where you can't cash your winnings.
There are many other RTG (and Rival) casinos who are reputable and WILL pay if you win. Please don't tar them all with the same brush!


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