Silly questions about the reputable casino


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Hi, Bryan :notworthy:
Please forgive me ask this silly question. Hey, I am "newbie" now. Thanks. :proud:

I want to try some of your Reputable casino, for example, GoldClub. I can't find any link to the casino will tell them I am from your site. It looks like you don't do any affiliate with casino. Am I right?

Fell free to correct me. Thanks!

Silly Newbie :uhoh:


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Dear Silly Newbie,

Actually, my Gold Club section was pulling banners from the old server. In other words, it hadn't been updated and the links were trashed.

You can check them out here:

As for affiliate accounts, there are only a few here. Mostly the older casinos (Intercasino, the Sands group, and a couple of others). Most everyone else has done a media buy, in other words they pay for postioning on a monthly basis. Gold Club used to be an affiliate account, but then converted to monthly positioning.