Silly bet starts slot magic


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Jul 25, 2014
United Kingdom
What is wrong with this site with silly min bet amounts
I am not a huge bet start spinner very happy to spend quite a lot but on 30p or 40p a press machines
Go on most sites and this is on most if not all machines min bet spins
But go on slot magic and the same machine is at £1.25 a press or above ??
Thought I would have ago on there there new addition titanic but is £2 a spin minimum so will I play it never at £2 a spin cash will go in no time and enjoyment gone in minutes
Not everyone is a huge bet players most of us I feel are like me enjoy at a sensible spin amount but why on earth do slotmagic do this every time it's the only site I know which has a huge min bet on some slots
Annoying and not only that they charge you to deposit lol


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Aug 29, 2012
I came here expecting to read a rags to riches story of how one accidental max bet or something led to an incredible slots session.

Imagine my surprise when it was, in fact, about duck vomit :eek2:

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