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Oct 2, 2003
For some reason I do not think that Jackpot City realizes that I am a client, though they do not mind accepting my deposit. I always check my loyalty points before I deposit to make sure I do not have an available cash option.( I do this with land casino as well) Well, I go to check my point balance and it says I have earned none. It also says that it is updated every24 hours. Well it tells me that mine has not been updated for 1349 hours. I emailed the casino 3 days ago. No answer. I emailed them the next day and asked them to close my account as I do not want to be a part of a casino that does not acknowledge me as a paying gambler. I just want to know if they ever check their email or if the $500 that I have deposited with them was just not enough.
Sounds like you don't have much of a problem getting the cotton out of your mouth (or so to speak).

I think you'll find a pretty good group of casinos represented here that would more than willing to acknowledge your $500.00 deposit.

In any event georgiapeachy25 welcome aboard. Have a good one.

Hi Georgiapeachy25

As Jackpot City is part of our casino group I have the following response for you from their customer service manager:

Hi georgiapeachy25,

Kindly note that our loyalty points system works that for every $10 you wager you will receive 1 point. In turn for every 1000 points you accumulate, you will receive $10.00. You wagered a total amount of $2237.75 which equals to 237 points.

In lieu of the above you had not accumulated enough loyalty points since you have joined our casino. However, we decided to credit your account with a $20.00 Loyalty bonus, as a token of our appreciation of you as a player.

I have checked your account and see that to date, you have received the following amazing bonuses:

1. A $25.00 sign on bonus!
2. A $20.00 loyalty points bonus!
3. A $20.00 birthday complimentary bonus!

We trust you enjoyed these!

With regards to your emails: I have checked our email system and wish to inform you that we responded to your emails. There was however, an auto responder activated on your email account. This means that our Customer Service Centre agents saw the words: auto reply in the subject line and have been instructed not to reply to these, as they will cause mails to bounce between our email account and your email account.

Should you ever require assistance or immediate professional customer service, I recommend you contact our Customer Service Centre via one of our 24/7, toll-free numbers. I guarantee that the service there will leave you smiling!

We once again would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience with regards to this matter and we hope to see you playing your favorite game, Keno soon.

Kind regards,

Scott Gardiner
Customer Services Manager
Jackpot City

I hope that this has been helpful to you, and should you need any further assistance I will be happy to help.

B Rgds,

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Hello Scott.

I was under the impression the Referback Casino's were a group of casino's that are individually owned but bound by the fact they use the same affiliate firm, ie referback.

Would that not be the case please?

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