Sig's challenges and reviews!


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Sep 30, 2013
Been wanting to set this up for a while, only just got around to doing it, I hope to be able to review some casinos others might not have played at and just give honest views about that casino, And also undertake some fun challenges!

my first video was a challenge on dead or alive, £100 deposit and a £75 bonus, trying to get the fateful wildline on the bonus as ive never had it, heres the video,

Any tips/feedback/criticism is welcome, i know the sound isnt fantastic and im never going to be chopley, but still, i enjoyed it! Next vid will be up within a week probably a review of a casino.
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Oct 12, 2012
I enjoyed it - subscribed. I doff my hat to you for taking on that beast in the name of a YouTube challenge!

To be brutally honest it didn't have the same je ne se qua that Chopley's videos have, but you said as much yourself.

I had a look at the All British Casino and noticed that their SUB is only 20x bonus (on NetEnt slots!!), so I've just made the maximum deposit there myself :) (I won't be subjecting myself to DOA though!)


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May 19, 2013
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Good video mate. Glad to see someone else giving the whole gambling commentary a shot. I to my self have a channel on YouTube with similar videos and site reviews. One thing i will point out is there was a buzzing noise through out the video which i think is to do with your microphone. And at some points the video is out of sync. I recommend using the camtasia software that is what i use and it is so simple and easy. A friend recommended the software to me and it is extremely easy to use. If you need any help on software and just general issues then PM me and i will try and help. My YouTube channel is Lots 0 Slots. Peace :thumbsup: