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Mar 13, 2003
holy mother, I've never had the problems of signing up I've had at mgm. I've given up now. At the weekend, I tried to signup with them about four times and kept getting rejected. Tried two different credit cards. Every time it rejected me I had to start a complete new application, different email address, different username. I couldn't just retry with a new credit card. I got my birthday wrong by a day on one of the applications (my mistake that time) but it made me do a whole another new application, new email, new username, everything. Ran out of email addresses and ended up having to create two new hotmail accounts. I've got the credentials, you know? Live in the UK, have done all my life, over 18, etc etc. I was fine with Ladbrokes and fine with William Hill and fine with 32Red. And fine with Littlewoods who are also Isle of Mann. But not the Vegas bunch. Are they trying to discourage people from playing there? Gave my money to Will Hills in the end. And won a little bit for a change.

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