Sign up bonuses are stopping to Chinese players!


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Sep 22, 2002
Almost all of the $10 and $15 in Microgaming casinos and Grand Virtual casinos' $ 30 first time purchase bonus have stopped to Chinese players,because they cheated in the above casinos too much.
A great amount of winning,tens of thousands or so are refused to be paid to these players,because of the bonus abuse.Their ripped action just make Microgaming and Grand Virtual out of mad,so result in the punishment from both the casinos and PayPal company.PayPal locked many ripped players account becasue the violation of PayPal's uers terms and contions.
Unlike Danish players,most of the first time purchase 100% match up bonus are still as fair as other players to the Chinese players,like the wager requirements,they keep the same as players in US,however,Danish are required to wager more than 10 times in many cases.

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