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Jan 4, 2004
Hi all. Here's the mystery. I am registered at Spin Palace Poker, a skin for Prima Poker. I like it. I wanted to play at other Prima poker rooms such as 7 Sultans, Royal Vegas, Capt Cooks and Trident. (Hey, I have a lot of spare time).

Anyway, I download the software, install it, and get to the lobby of the poker rooms, but then problems. When I try to log on, a small box comes up with my user account that I have at Spin Palace. I thought "What the heck?" but type in my password thinking all the Prima Poker rooms are connected. I then get a small box showing my Spin Palace alias, noting that I am a current Prima Poker player. It asks me to type in what city I am from, my e-mail, and then the activation code I received when I signed up at Spin Palace. I do all this, then when I push "finish", I get a message to contact support as the server couldn't register me. This happened at all four poker rooms mentioned.

I also try to register at the pull down "Menu" option at the top left of the screen but that will tell me I am already a real money member and won't let me do anything else.

I e-mailed Capt Cooks who replied very quickly stating that Prima Poker rooms DON'T use the same user account. They stated they would open a new account manually for me, which is fine but I want to figure out what's happening.

I believe all these poker rooms are powered by Microgaming. Would that explain it? Would the Microgaming software recognize my ID from Spin Palace and "think" I am already registered at these other poker rooms? Does it have anything to do with the fact all are skins for Prima Poker?

I don't think there is any funny business, just some goofy software or computer glitch, or maybe me just not doing something I should be doing.

Any suggestions? I have 47 cents burning a hole in my pocket! Thanks.

Hi Tar,

I also signed up with prima poker at 7Sultans, Royal Vegas and Lucky Nugget. Since I had accounts with the casinos first, my Prima Poker account number is the same as my casino account number. Apparently, if you already have an account with the site, you get the same number for both casino and poker. Atleast, thats how it is in my case.

Hope this helps. Have a nice day.

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