I miss logging into my fav casinos and finding a freebie....guess cuz I won couple times last month I don't get any love :( you find that when you have a bit of a winning streak that happens?


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I can't say I've ever noticed much difference anywhere I play based on whether I win or lose, but if I had to choose I would definitely rather they throw me a bone when I've been losing!


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The RTG's that give monthly VIP loyalty free bonuses don't give you one if you had a withdrawal during the month the loyalty applies to. That really ticks me off because you may have deposited and lost far more then you withdrawal amount. And, CW use to give me 100.00 and up each month and after UIGEA I am lucky to get $50.00.

As I posted in another thread, the casinos stopped giving the big perks when the UIGEA passed eventhough many players continued to deposit and play as they always did.

That sucks too as I believe they used the new law as an excuse to curtail vip treatment.