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Nov 24, 2003
i downloaded and played at the showdown casino. I bought in for $200.00 I played video poker with bets ranging from $5.00 to $25.00 per hand.

In the middle of a hand, an error message came up said had a program error please log back on. I did but my 80 credits plus the hand I was playing was wiped out to $0. They are suppose to have an automatic save to avoid those problems. When I called I was told that could not happen because of their software, but if I insisted they would audit the account. Damn right I insisted and I will let you know how they handle this.

Gambler beware!
The showdown Casino is a ripoff... See the above posting by me. They claim they cannot find my money in their system.

Stay away from this rip-off

I would like to know if anyone else has ever had this problem with these crooks.
I've notified both the Showdown Casino and Casino Circuit about the above postings. Hopefully they can clear things up.
Never have heard anything from the showdown casino concerning my posting here.

They emailed me a record of my play and said I did not lose the 80 credits. LIARS
Mr. Steve Adkins was right the showdown did the same thing to me for $55.00 claimed they could not be wrong.
I have noticed that the Showdown Casino has not yet responded. Makes you wonder! If they are so legit, they should defend themselves.
Dear Readers,

I contacted Showdown Casino last week and this was their response:

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your mail.

We have done a full audit on Steve. A's gaming account which was audited by
Microgaming and it appears that he has played out all of his money. There
are various reasons to why his credits may appears to have gone 'missing'.

We will be contacting Steve in regards with this matter and we trust that we
will have this matter resolved as soon as possible.


Customer Services Support
Show Down Online Casino

Apparently, they decided not to respond to the forum.
OH Showdown,, I played all of my credits?

Credits did not appear to have vanished they did vanish. I do not care what software you have. You still owe me $80.00. Pay up or shutup!

I got a copy of the audit. How can the last two hands be played with no credits. Must be magic.

I still waiting to hear from them
Hey Showdown Casino, You told this site that you would be in touch with me. Said I had played all of my credits but you might be able to explain how my $80.00 disappeared from my account.

I do not lie and I am not stupid. I gamble alot on the internet and resent the statement It seems he played all of his credits. No... it seems your software ate all of my credits.

Your VP in charge of BS needs to come up with a better story than that.

Still waiting for your reply
Well I heard back from The Showdown Casino today.

Said they checked and no credits were missing, said they checked with their bank also.(Why would they look there?) And that my wife has an account with the lucky nugget and maybe she played the credits. And they do not like the TONE of my posting here.

Well this is Adkins Final comment on the whole matter. Screw you Showdown, not only are you saying that I am a liar, but now my wife played those credits. If that was the case how was it that I was sitting there the whole time. Your casino ate 80 credits, nobody played them off, and I do not like your tone either you misinformed
casino manager wannabe!!!!!!!
In regards with Mr. Adkins gaming account at the Show Down online Casino:

<,Said they checked and no credits were missing, <,said they checked with their bank also.(Why <,would they look there?) ?And that my wife has an <,account with the lucky nugget and ?<,maybe she <,played the credits. And they do not like the <,TONE <,of my posting here.

We contacted our e-cash company (NOT BANK)and asked them to provide any further information concerning OUTSTANDING BALANCES which could be owed to Mr. Adkins. At no time did we point out to Mr. Adkins that anyone related to him uses 'x' casino. Since we use an e-cash company, their services to the casino is to administer conversion of real cash to e-cash, fraud and so forth. At the same time our e-cash company provides the same services to various other internet related companies. They just informed us that there was another person residing at the same address as Mr. Adkins who uses one of our e-cash company's e-cash merchants, which is a Microgaming client as well, that their credit cards were mapped to Mr. Adkins. At the same time we discovered that Mr. Adkins runs casinos down when things have not been running all that smooth for him.

On our gaming software, we have a feature just by checking it our software will recall the passwords last saved. If one were to play on line, assuming you are using the 'remember password' feature and played a few games then logged off and closed the gaming software. Now lets just say for argument's sake that some kid got onto your computer and discovered your casino software, loaded it up. The person using the workstation would not have to enter the password thus the password save feature was enable. Over and over again we inform our clients to be cautious when using this facility as accidents can happen and these types of accidents are rather expensive.

<,Screw you Showdown, not only are you saying that <,I am a liar, but now my wife played those <,credits.

At no time did we say that Mr. Adkins's wife used his Show Down casino gaming account, we said on our audit that we provided him there was continues play after 80 credits went 'missing'. What could of happened is that someone could of used his gaming account (if he uses the password save) not Realising that they were playing with REAL money. When the credits finally ran out, only at the end 'this' person realized that this was a REAL gaming account. At no time what so ever did we point a finger!

I have no objection publishing Mr. Adkins's gaming audit onto this newsgroup, but then I would be violating his privacy. I don't know Mr. Adkins runs down the Show Down Casino considering that his account has been very active to present

Show Down Online Casino
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I have said more good things about casino's then bad. Nothing wrong with letting people know who the crooks are.

This active account that you are talking about is what about $1100.00 total. Oh boy that is real active.

Everytime I hit a casino I post it. Let people know where the good casino's are. I am sorry that you do not qualify as a pimple on a casino's ass.
I have read several articles and the book that Steve Adkins has written on Playing Video Poker, and have won alot of money. I think that is it unfair that the Showdown Casino would act like he is making it up about losing his credits

I have spoke with Steve on several occasions and he impressed me has being a good gambler.

So showdown if he says it I believe it.. Leave him alone. I have won over $40,000 because of him and his book. I am on his side all the way.
Thanks R. Craft, They think I am stupid. Said the play was continuous but thought someone else might have played my credits. How can that be?

Thanks for the vote of support!
Thanks for the kind words R. Craft. They said the play was continueous but thought maybe someone else might have played the credits.

They are the only casino I have slammed for being dishonest. All other postings are positive comments. Exept the payment procedures at Lucky Nugget.
I've played at a few online casinos and I think that the SHOWDOWN CASINO is the best yet. (only THE GAMINGCLUB CASINO rivals it so far). Nice graphics and extremely friendly and helpful customer support. Had to fax them some info before I got paid(to their Ecash company), but was assured this would be a once-off and so far, they have been true to their word! (all my winnings since then have been paid quickly).

I would definitely give this one a try and see for yourself!
Amazing! I just won $2500 at this casino!

I've been playing at The Showdown for about 3 months and have had no problems, so I don't know why everyones moaning... I'm sticking to this one!
This is my first time at online playing and I'm winning $250 on Showdown! This not a lot maybe, but for me its great!

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