Show me the Money Screenshots (Min 1000xBet)


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Nov 22, 2021
how come you’re so lucky what’s the secret
I use to play 1 time in 2 weeks with £500 £700 deposit, 90% of time I lost all time, now I deposit every day small amount try to build balance,and cary on with bigger bets, if I lose 3 days my balance 2 days to win I am still doing batter than deposit £500-£700 and bet on £2- £3
I get bonus also like Partycasino one time week 100% up to £50 casimba they send all time 50% 75% 100%
this big win was on partycasino deposit 50 got 50 bonus got lucky build balance to 550
is not secret just Luck
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Aug 30, 2016
this is the worst game in terms of volatility ... I mean i spunked quite some bonus buys through this one to be sacked with a 3000 and even 5000 euro feature buy, having 22 spins (at most) to be nuked to orbit watching the thing just dead spin away.

But on 80 cents obviously the thing is paying.
this was my best hit but i've had 250x on 2.00 spins before. It's high volatility so yes it can end up pretty bad. at least there is a minimum you can't go under so i know a bonus will never give me 0.00 unlikey some other games.


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Nov 17, 2021
The minimum is 10 x....

And i often had it... 20+ spins, and right at the last 2 spins it suddenly dropped a wild. and ended with like 12x. lol. talking about getting rekt.

The max bonus buy on that game is 30.000 euro (10k base) if you opt for the additional 5 scatter feature. I'm not going to touch that shit even still.


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Dec 12, 2017
United Kingdom
I try to include Fruit Party in all my sessions due to the surprises it can throw up. The only balance I had where Fruit Party was available was at Unibet on a 94.45%, less than ideal but had a go anyway.

2561x line hit

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I can't even bonus that a 96% RTP. I have honestly never had a bonus on it in thousands of spins in different casinos.


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Nov 7, 2012
I've been on a long losing streak so for once having some luck feels good. Hardly comparable to the crazy shots above but I'm not THAT lucky sadly. (I got the Gulag super bonus the other day while having five spins left - all five spins were dead. Typical luck for me).

The infectious win really surprised me for a base game hit.. And the Aztec game I was just testing.. Safe to say I approve :D

Also note that I was 66 cents away from hitting bonus funds and thus wagering on the Infectious win.. Talk about timing.


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Feb 23, 2013
I'm guessing by the picture, but balance after win 593,18. Before win, 26.30. Calculating by these a win of 566,88 with a bet of 0,36 equals a win of about 1575x bet.

Could be totally wrong though in my calculations and assumptions. :D
correct sir

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