Shouldnt tournament prizes be credited in the exchange currency?


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Feb 2, 2021
I'm in Canada so if a tournament states that cash prizes are in euro, wouldnt I be credited for that amount in Cdn? For eg. If the prize says $50 euro and I won, I would be credited approx $68 Cdn because of the exchange rate....


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May 10, 2014
Many casinos will cover this in the rules, either by making it a 1:1 mapping, or by making it a fixed ratio. If they haven't stated that, you could query it with the live support of the casino...

As an example, a (random unrelated) WH promo states:
  • This promotion is only available to players with an online account held in pound sterling, euro, US dollar or Canadian dollar, where the conversion rate is 1:1 (for example, £1 = €1).

This can work many ways of course - the intended way where you wager less/more and win proportionally the same amount, or unintentionally where you wager less and win more, but also you wager more and win less...
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