Should we be alarmed about this?


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I've been pointed to this page regarding paypal and it sounds quite alarming, is it for real? I know paypal supposedly has 13 million customers worldwide and i would assume a large percentage of gamblers use paypal, any thoughts on this paypal warning?
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Thankyou timothychan, i did find your post after i posted my own, very alarming indeed, i personally havent had any problems with paypal (yet) is there any place thats safe to use? I wonder, hope you get your money all those that have had so many problems with these people,good luck all.

tommy f

pay stole 600 dollars from me
dont use them
they enable criminals to commit credit card fraud
maybe you havent been screwed yet but in time you will
pull your cash out now
its not insured


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Please explain how this was possible in a coherant manner please.



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Hey "tommy f" you mean Paypal stole $600 bucks from U ? That is just tip of the ice berg.I got more than $11,000.00 forzen till now. Account being locked till now.

and be careful you people who use paypal to gamble online , paypal will just suck away your winnings.... they are worst than a crooked casinos.

( by the way my $11K was not for gambling)