Should I play at windows casino?


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Dec 28, 2006
I'm new at online casino and this is my first post at casinomeister. Let me just say hi to all the people here. Anyhow, is windows casino a trusted casino? I heard mixed reviews about them. How many people here have played at windows? Can you share your experiences there?
I last played at windows about a year and a half ago, don't know why I stopped I guess b/c I stopped winning (like all RTG casinos) but I had always been paid on time from them, not ever one problem. Probably changed hands since then, I see they're affiliated with King Solomans now :eek2:
Windows got up to some pretty hectic stuff a while back (see the archives here and at the other site), but things seemed to quieten down after it was taken over by the King Soloman's group, which at one time (no longer it seems) had a very vocal representative here called Greg.

If there have been incidents of slowpay without adequate justification it may be an idea to test them with a small deposit first....or swerve around them altogether!
Where is Greg Jetset? If they no longer have a rep here, I'd be hesitant to play there, but that's just me. If I do run into a problem, I want an avenue for resolution......besides emailing the casino a zillion times.
Afraid I don't know. It just seems that he has not been around here for awhile and in former times he would have been onto Window slowpay complaints like a dog on a bone.
His last visit was dec, 21st.
Indeed - without him the KS/Grand Aces group is a bit - sometimes - difficult, because their CS is not , what you would expect from a top group.
Windows Casino is a great place to play!!!

Of all the casinos I play at ONLY Windows Casino gave me a Xmas present... a $25, no strings attached bonus to my account... :thumbsup:

I do believe that Greg (Windows Casino Rep) is on Vacation and will return after the first of the year.

Elisabeth - If you PM me with your details I'll take a look and make a call to see if I can't light a fire under the folks at Windows.

Please understand that at this time of year people take vacation and it is hard to keep folks in the office when they want to be with their loved ones partying their behinds off... ;)
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