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Nov 7, 2020
Swansea, Wales

I have been playing Casino sites for 10 years. I started become a problem gambler almost right away, but I have gone through periods of high and low betting activity.

I joined Gamstop about a year ago, and this has been brilliant for me.

After a low period, I recently googled sites which are not part of Gamstop, and ever since I have spiralled into a massive mess.

Shinyjoker in particular, has refused or not carried out the dozens of requests I have had for excluding my account. Finally they did it. A few weeks later I was getting adverts, I went back in and they let me play. I have now blown £3000.00 on Gonzo Quest in there, playing stakes between £1 and £4. The highest win i got in playing 2 hours was £35.60. I went into the bonus games twice I got £8 on a £4 stake and £0 on a £2 stake.

Now I know this is all my fault, but why are these unregulated sites allowed to operate like this.

I am almost beyond despair at this point.

I have spent over £100,000 in last 10 years and have tried therapy and groups, and got nowhere, now I feel I am being deliberately preyed upon.

Someone please give me some advice how I can get out of this cycle.


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Mar 4, 2018
New Zealand
You have to force the association of losing money with no possibility of winning with non-gamstop casinos. I used to have issues with my gambling, but eventually boiled down my play to three sites with deposit limits and made sure I was fully verified. I don't go over my limits creating new casino accounts because why would I risk not being paid out and have to stress about verification? I'd rather wait for my limit to reset and play demo or watch a steam in the meantime to itch my fix.

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