Shazam Casino Verification (Slow)


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Jul 18, 2004
Pacific NW
I'm no stranger to RTG verification. Started with the standard verification form which included asking for my BitCoin Wallet address to send every withdrawal. Sounded odd, live chatted about it, no clear response. So I did a request through BitCoin and gave them that address.

Next up, get an email asking for ID/proof of address. Couldn't they have asked that in the form? Fine, sent it to them. Few days later, they ask for BitCoin address again. Sent them the same address I sent previously. Also, wanted to verify my name/address/birthday/blood type/etc (jk on the blood type but you get the idea) through a phone call. Had chat call me and all info given. Followed up a couple days later (today) and said I think I did everything they required and want to cash out my winnings.

This started 12/3. I get weekends are involved but this seems slow and not well thought out...

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