Sharps are on Celtics, are you?


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Line has moved from Cavs -1.5 to pick. Public seems be split on game, according to betting trends.

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I am on celtics +1, but have been ice cold, who are you on in this game?


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Being i live in Cleveland and have heard all about James elbow and am getting a bit tired of it.

His elbow is bothering him more them people are leading on? Don't think so.

That being said, there is NO way the Cavs lose this one, if the line is going in the favor of the Celtics that means the public is hammering them and all of us long time sports bettors know...that the "public bettors" are wrong 75% of the time.

Take the cavs and bet the brinks truck on them.

106-99 Cavs :):)


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Lets talk about an ASS kicking going on.

Its only haltime and the Cavs are treating the Celtics like there b***h
Score at the half is

Cavs 65 Boston 43


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Yes i'm gonna toot my own horn here.

Score after the 3rd is................

Cleveland 96 Boston 70


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ASS KICKING served...........

Even this diehard fan didn't think they would score that many...


Cleveland 124 Boston 95


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Lebron shut everybody up tonight... Celtics walk off the court before time expires....Didn't Lebron take heat for that in the past??? Wow Lebron is truly great...A$$ beating for sure.... Boston's big three should retire after this whipping...They looked awful Lebron :notworthy