Sharp decline in US online poker play


Jun 15, 2004
the following report says that pokerstars one of the only that still accept US players, reported a decline of 36% in player volume.

if 70% of stars players are USA, than it means business cut to half. Whihc is compatible with some reports that about half of online transactions went throught Neteller.

But other considerations may complicate the analysis.
First, the percentage of USA players in stars should be higher as it is one of the only sites accepting USA players, so its relative share of US players should be higher than average.

Second, there was a decline in US player base after the law passed a few months ago. That is what I understood form some statistics I read than.

Third, the shopes that blocked USA just recently, shoudl have a positive effect on stars volume. But I guess this effect would have been only marginal, since the bigger USA blockings were a few months ago. And they compare to a month ago.

Forth, I wonder whether they accounted for seasonal, imoact, which by itself should have probably cause a small decline, as in the holidays people gamble probably more.

The player volumes at Poker Stars com, a US accepted site, saw a 36% decrease so far. The numbers compared the first week of January when Neteller was still operating and the first week of February when Neteller was closed to US poker players.

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