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Sep 18, 2004
I am a good sport (really) and decided to give them a go today based on:

1. New manager, who is a member of this forum and appears completely clued in; and

2. What the hell.:what:

You will find my old post about Shark somewhere around here and if you had read it, you will know that I didn't have such a stellar experience. However, I am a good sport (really).

I found the DoughFlow button (not even hard for a blonde) and made a NT deposit. My favorite game (PickEmPoker) was there and I started to press my luck. The little bugger was able to guess my moves pretty quickly and decimated my first deposit.

I went back to DoughFlow and made a second deposit (did I tell you I am a good sport?) Sought my revenge on PEP. Creamed again but it took a little longer.:D

Third time is a charm (maybe) so made my 3rd deposit. Decided to go nuts and play deuces wild VP. Hit 4 deuces quickly. Found the withdraw button. I am a happy camper.

Kudos to Shark for the great entertainment.:thumbsup:

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