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Mar 1, 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Anyone had good experience with Shark Casino? They are an RTG and I have not seen much posted about them. Also if anyone knows what casinos if any they are affiliated with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Erm i dont know about over that side of the pond, but over here "shark" is slang for rip-off merchant! Think they know that? ;)
The were a devious and unsavoury bunch at one time imo, but they brought in some reasonable people - particularly their COO just before rolling most of the Angelciti brands into one big (Shark) casino, and I can't recall seeing any player complaints about them since.
Yeh shark that name really sticks in me gut,
When I played here all was going swimmingly got 4 deuces in DW woohoo logged out cos I was all a tremble.Tried logging in again but could`nt ugh phoned them straight away and the response was you`ve already got an account with us ugh,what account would that be then I said,answer you`ve` got an account with welcome to our casino ugh,dont recall that in fact I was refused an account at welcome cos I had an account with roadrunner casino.Did not make the connection at 1st it was only when they told me my old roadrunner username that the penny dropped.I checked there T&Cs and there it was anyone who had an account with welcome to our casino is ineligible ect ect but nothing mentioning roadrunner ect ect.Long and short is the 4 deuces win was swiftly removed and lost all my balance pretty quickly.

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