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Dormant account
Jun 6, 2006
I started playing at shark casino and ran my total up to just over $10,000 from $2000 deposit. I met the requirement and requested a cashout and got the email below. I have no idea what other account he is referring to because I have not got into online casino until a few months ago. I emailed Shark Casino over a week ago to see if it was just a mistake on their part and got no reply. I didn't want to call them because I want their reply to be in writing.I know I did nothing wrong here and want to know what I can do.

Dear XXXX,

Please note that our security department found that the account you opened today XXXXXX is a duplicate account and due to this reason it has been closed and your $2,000.00 deposit been sent back to your neteller account, please check the following:

Customers are entitled to one account only per person, family, household address, email address, computer, and credit card number, on environments where computers are shared (university, fraternity, school, public library, workplace, etc.).

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Since the other account was opened last year that account is the only one that will remain open and XXXXXX will remain closed!

Were sorry for any inconvenience this may caused you!

All the Best,


Credit Department.
US-Toll-free: 1-800-346-1697

International: (506) 210-9919
I am not sure if there is a Shark Casino Rep located at Casinomeisters site but maybe on the other portals that the meister has located on the bottom of each page.

You sure you only had the one new account ? Did you take a sign up bonus ?
Thanks for your help, i could not find them under the casinocontacts, I did take a bonus offer through an afflilate but met the all the requirement. Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding, i'll wait for a respond from them before I contact casinomeister i guess.

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