Shark Casino doesn't answer PM


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Aug 9, 2004
Don't waste your time sending PM to Shark Casino via the Casino Contacts list. I sent them a message back on October 5th and they still have not picked it up. Obviously they are not interested in working with the Casinomeister community anymore.
Actually as most readers know, whether good or bad I am an active member of the board here, and have been representing Shark for a little over a month now. Bryan has been very busy with all of the changes that he has not been able to update the casino contacts with my address, but I have received and responded to a number of inquires in my box here. If you need to contact me, please click on my name and send me a PM or call the casino at 1-800-346-1697.
An update on my original post. Phynqster responded to my PM on behalf of Shark Casino and the problem was satisfactorily resolved.
phynqster is actually one of the more active reps on here in that he also contributes to discussion rather than simply addressing player disputes/gripes.

i saw him ask what he ought to call betting both sides that would be more accurate and complete than simpliy 'low-risk wager'. i believe he went with 'even-money offsetting bets' or something like that.

i like when casinos actively research and ask questions in places where players can have an input and hopefully an impact. reps on board here are a vital link between players and casino, and just like they help us in our disputes, they can come to us for advice on how players feel and what we're after in our gaming experience.

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