Shark Casino: Cleared the WR on a bonus - denying cashout anyway.


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Dec 22, 2006
I cleared a Video Poker only bonus on Shark Casino and finished up nearly $7,000, submitted all my documents as requested, and then cashed out some of the money. When I didn't get my money, I talked to Live Chat and asked them what the deal was, and got this:

Edgar: ok, even though i have not been able to open your account bcs of the system, i just checked with the credit department to see what happened with your account. They told me that it was cancel because you play games with the coupon that you were not supposed to play, games such as black jack and others
Edgar: vegas 3 card rummy also
Edgar: and the coupon was for poker purposes only

First of all, I cleared the entire wagering requirements in Video Poker variants, mainly Jacks or Better one-line play. After I cleared the wagering, and ONLY after that, I chose to play some of the other games listed with my own money for fun. They are denying my cashout as a result.

I PAB'd with the Meister last week, filed an RTG dispute with Montana (not with Hastings because there is no form yet), PM'd the casino rep from Shark on here (who was online over the past week so I know he got it), and I have heard nothing back from anyone.

Pretty typical.
Hastings BV is presently just a bunch of "BS".

Appalling isn't it - that RTG abruptly halted Montana Overseas, never formally notifying ANY of the impacted players involved in a dispute - and then sets up this shell of a site.

My advice would be to phone RTG's CEO - Mike McMain directly in Atlanta, and fax and/or email your complaint right to their doorstep.

Go to for additional contact info. I also have some other direct lines failing that.

As for Shark Casino, they're fast moving up the ladder of shame to join the likes of Crystal Palace and the departed Kiss Casino.......:mad:
I'm just wary of RTGs now that they don't have a legitimate dispute site and the meister is not taking PAB's unless they from accredited sites IIRC

What really floors me, is the total arrogance of RTG to disband Montana Overseas Disputes without any notice - and without any concern for players well along in the dispute process.

Then they set up this Hastings BV outfit which (for those of you who have been keeping track) has been in existence now for FOUR + weeks without any dispute link established.

I really think the only way to send RTG a MEANINGFUL message is for players to start thinking about boycotting all RTG licensees (good and bad) if they don't start responding to the growing legion of players who have been screwed over.

And my gosh, the REASONS for denying payments (running the gamut from "multi line poker isn't really poker" to "we need utility bills printed in Greek submitted in English", to "your spouse was nasty to us") is beyond absurd.


The "watchdog" is watching.......The BBC ONE watchdog that is.
And every dog has his day....:D :D

It's just a shame that a company that does put out enjoyable gaming software has been reduced to fronting so many disreputable characters.:mad:
You're screwed. Shark holds players to the bonus terms until your entire balance has been withdrawn (after successfully clearing the wagering requirements). There was a case awhile back where a player had winnings truncated because he mistakenly played after initiating a withdrawal on a 10x max cashout bonus, despite the fact that the player had already cleared the wagering requirements for the bonus. Many posters on this forum backed Shark's decision there ... as I'm sure they'll back Shark in your case.
Anybody that plays with MOST RTG sites these days is "screwed" don't you think?

C'mon folks...

Supporting online casinos that deliberately develop T&C's that are designed to confuse and SCREW the player is nuts! And that's been the calling card of most RTG powered sites.....

And for those posters that previously agreed with Shark Casino....all I can say is "wow"...

I hope you're getting a nice check from them monthly....because certainly any person with even a small amount of sanity and integrity, couldn't possibly believe that PURPOSEFULLY complicating wagering and withdrawal requirements is the proper way to do business......

Again, if these charlatans were above board, why not issue SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD bonuses (like land based casinos do..)?

Answer: Because then, you don't have a fallback position in which to withhold winnings!

What a joke.....

And to bpb: I'm sure you agree with your friends at Shark that "multi hand video poker doesn't qualify as video poker".....That's another post making the rounds here that is beyond's downright criminal. By the way, how much do you get paid by them for your unqualified support?
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That is completely ridiculous - denying the cashout even after I have fully met the wagering requirements because I played a few hands of other games (it's not like I played through a bunch) is totally shady, and is only exacerbated because the casino rep does not answer.
By the way, the only part of their T&C which even mentions this is:

Any player who has had more in bonus money in their account than real monies, will be be held to current promotion terms and regulations, even on a deposit with no bonus, unless customer receives written approval from the casino prior to deposit.

And I had more real money than bonus money, so it doesn't apply.

Pay me, Shark Casino, This is just ridiculous.
And one last thing - I keep PM'ing Phynqster and he ignores me, despite being online every single day over the past week or so. That's absurdly disrespectful, and I hope Bryan will do something about it.
RTG's vast stable of rogue operators feel more empowered than ever to thumb their noses at players who actually WIN.

Of course, their affiliates and bonus seekers, will continue to give them a free pass because as long as they're taken care of, well you're just S^%T out of luck!


It's critically important to keep the pressure on RTG themselves.

The Shark's, Crystal Palace's, and about 12-15 similar RTG operators are absolutely relishing this new found ability to screw players over without fear of retribution from either casino watchdog sites - or a LEGITIMATE dispute mechanism.

January will be here soon enough, and once the temperature starts to change and ICE begins to form (pun intended..), we'll see what ULTIMATELY transpires.

In the meantime, keep up the pressure and please IGNORE the posters who claim Shark has a legitimate right to withhold your winnings. They don't of course, and these folks are little more that money whores to these lowlifes.
I have contacted Montana Disputes, HastingsBV, CasinoMeister, Phynqster, Shark support, and have posted here - not sure what else I can do! How should I keep the pressure on RTG - do you have the email or phone contact of someone I can bother?

Thanks again, and Bryan got back to me saying he'd look into it after his well-deserved vacation.
I havent personally had this kind of dispute with Shark, but I support what Zoozie has said about 'voting with my feet'.

Shark Casino is no longer installed on my PC and thats the way its going to stay - it just seems like too much hassle as there are so many people who have issues with them and its only a matter of time before I find myself in the same boat.

Why bother with all that when I can play at Inetbet and ClubUSA and Bodog and not have a worry in the world??

Phynqster has been fairly diligent in following up most cases, but the fact remains that he shouldnt HAVE to in the first place - if shark provided clear and concise terms and not rules like:

Any player who has had more in bonus money in their account than real monies, will be be held to current promotion terms and regulations, even on a deposit with no bonus, unless customer receives written approval from the casino prior to deposit.

.....what a load of horse%#$ that means max cashout on your own bonus-free deposit too???

I gotta say, there is a huge opening for companies like Rival and Hype at the moment to come and show the online gaming world how it should be done.
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At this point, the Meister is still your best bet as he has some excellent contacts within the complex world of RTG.

Also, take it from someone who knows firsthand, your dispute is still quite recent and as maddening as it may seem, these disputes can take some time (2-6 MONTHS) to resolve.


I agree that RTG has got to clean up their act - and fast.

I'll also be following your case and keep you posted on any new developments relative to "alternative measures";)
Yup, still nothing from Shark or the manager. Good to see that you come on here almost everyday and ignore these posts! I know you see them, Phynqster!

You have got to address these issues. There are at least 3 threads in the Complaints Section on Shark Casino and it seems that all these players have valid claims.
He was on 2 days ago. This is getting rediculous.

:confused: Even if he is no longer w/Shark, he could say so. If everything is on hold till the dust settles, he could say so.

phynqster: This is so uncool.

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