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Jan 26, 2005
Melbourne Beach, Florida
On Sunday 10/1 while watching football I received a phone call from "Alex" a casino rep from Shark Casino offering me a 350% unlimited bonus with a
25x B+D playthru
I asked if I could play Blackjack and if so did it change the wagering requirement?
Yes I could play Blackjack and no it didn't change the 25x WR Alex answered.
I thanked him for the offer and later that afternoon I logged in to Shark and deposited $100 and put in the code Alex gave me and received a $200 bonus
I called Alex and he said to give him 5 minutes and he would fix the bonus
I asked once again if Blackjack was ok / was the WR 25x/ and the PT
would be $450x25= $11,250 and he said yes you are correct.
I started to play with $450 @$10 a hand and got distracted watching football and lost count of my amount wagered so i went to the cashier and found that
info was not available but that the amount I could withdraw was $0.
I continued play and when I later went back to the cashier and found that I
could withdraw $395 so I figured that I had met my WR and withdrew that total.
Now 3 days later with no deposit to my Neteller account I go back to Shark
and find the $395 back in my casino account so back to the cashier and I see
in the Transaction that the withdrawl was reversed and a box popped up telling me that I had not meet my WR of $18000 and that I had played $5245.
So I call Shark -asked for "Alex" and was told that he wasn't expected in anytime soon
I explained the whole problem to the CS rep and when he wouldn't do asked
to speak with the manager"Steve" - the CS rep went off to get him and came back to say that "Steve" would not take my call but the PT was 35x or $18000
I told him that I was very unhappy with the whole thing and he said to email"Steve" but it wouldn't change a thing.
I didn't have a problem with their amount I had wagered so I went in and played some more to get my wagering to $11250 but naturally
I busted out before I reached that.
I promptly removed Sharks software and have learned from this.
I should have asked Alex to email me the offer with all T&Cs so I had proof.
Oh Well.......
Ive had some very good experiences at Shark over the years as a VIP, but I must admit I dont like these phone offers at all. I have never and will never accept a bonus offer unless the terms are in writing - and here is an example of why:

I looked at the Rocktober coupon range at Shark a few days ago, and found one called U2BONO1 which was a 300% bonus + 25% cashback for slots only - 25x B+D , sticky bonus, and NO max cashout (except for 2x for the cashback). So I went ahead and submitted the coupon, then got distracted and didnt end up depositing. I went back today to deposit and checked the terms again on the website (as I always do) and found that they have added a 10x max cashout as well to the same coupon.

Now the problem I have with this kind of thing is that I am sure if I had deposited originally and won a few thousand I would have been held to the
10x max cashout, even though it didnt apply when it was first advertised. Instead of changing the terms, why not just create a new coupon with the new terms and remove the old one?. Sorry but I just dont like this kind of behaviour.

I like playing Real Series slots, and I'll be blowed if Im going to be held to a max cashout when the random jackpots are so high AND Ive deposited my own funds AND the bonus isnt cashable. I hit $4000 once and could only cashout $500...once bitten, twice shy :cool:

Inetbet and Club World dont have max cashouts (except for free chips which is OK with me), so why does Shark??

I guess that explains why I play them almost exclusively nowadays.
First in Reply to Nifty, you would have been able to cash out the original offer you received, had you deposited. There was a few errors on that mailing, Like the picture of the Monkeys instead of the Beatles. We reposted the correct bonus and terms, and in actualality there are 9 people currently playing that coupon on the original terms. It was not done as miss leading it was a typo/language translation error.
As for Big Bill, I was there when your account was discussed, and at the time you had all ready lost 75% of your deposit when you called to see where you were at and that time you had only played 12x playthrough. The rep told you that the terms were 35x playthrough, untill he spoke with Alex, who is off today, because that is what the terms were suposed to be. You ended up not even making 20x playthrough. If Alex had quoted you that amount of playthrough we would have honored it, when it was verified. You could have waited till tomorrow and made a decesion at that point, but you wanted to play through today. Sorry You did not make the playthrough , but you did not make 25 or 35.
Confusing. Very confusing. The player entered a code, played thru a bundle and there is an amount of $395 which was withdrawable and I presume that if this is what is stated at the cashier's section, he would have played more than $18,000 since the coupon was good for a 40x playthrough or $15,750 for a 35x playthrough or maybe at least $11,250. For some reason, this amount was reversed and the player seemed to agree that he had only played $5245 as opposed to an amount of $11,250 which seems strange because even if our attention is focussed on other matter, wouldnt the gap($11,250 and $5,245 be too large).

Now if the CS rep had been unwilling to contact Alex and even Steve/phynqster to clarify, the casino should give this guy a good lesson. Perhaps Phynqster can shed some light on this. However, just because the rep said something wrong does not mean that you didnt have to meet the 25x PT agreed between you and Alex. If you had any balance left on reaching $11,250 the casino will have to honour their agreement and pay but other than citing poor customer service, there really is nothing else to pursue.

Meanwhile Phynqster, maybe you could ask your CSRs to be a little bit more accomodating. It wouldnt hurt clarifying things with colleagues. You have just lost another customer.
Thanks for the reply phynqster :)

Well in that case I applaud you - many casinos wouldnt allow the original terms so that is encouraging.

So, to clarify, as I requested the coupon BEFORE the terms were changed (the reason I decided to use it was due to the original terms), and the coupon is still waiting to be redeemed in the cashier, I could deposit $100 now and still have the original terms apply?

Phynqster if you are going to reply at least get your facts straight-
I deposited $100 and received a $200 and a $150 bonus for a total of
$450.... I had $395 (45% of deposit)that the cashier said I could withdraw then reversed
I was told that I had wagered $5245- I played another $5130 before I busted
out for a total of $10375 of an $11,250 ORIGINAL WR (92%)so your %s are incorrect
Also the manager refused to take my call and the CS rep said he didn't
know when "Alex" would be working if at all so what other choice did I
have but to try to finish the ORIGINAL WR and then argue about it.
I just would not go near shark casino never mind what bonuses they had.

Far too much slippery word play catching players out deliberately.
Glad to hear that someone else received a call from Alex. I was starting to think I imagined him calling me with the same offer on Sept. 30th. After entering the code in the cashier I noticed the same 200%, not 350%. I tried online chat and was told that no Alex worked there. I called the next day and was told that Alex would be in shortly and would call me back. After no call was received, I called the next day and was again told that no Alex works there. I have also been told that there is no record of anyone calling me and offering a bonus. I have also been told that no one would have called me since I am not even eligible for further deposit bonuses due to the fact that I was lucky and ended up winning on my first deposit.

Needless to say, there are problems at Shark casino.

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