Shark Casino AKA Welcome to Our...Beware!!!


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Jul 11, 2003

I saw Shark in the rogue section too late and recently made a deposit. Supposedly a $50 match for a $25 deposit. So, I start playing, my bonus is removed!! and I get a call from Shark saying they used to be Welcome to Our Casino- which I already had an account at- so they were taking my bonus and "helping me out" by offering me $25 in my old account!! Which they had all the information for!!! Wow. I told the rep I was posting this obviously deceptive advertising on forums and he gave me the $50. Too little too late. My advice: STEER CLEAR!
Although I now run the risk of going from AC Public Enemy no. 1 to AC Apologist over the space of a couple of days...

1) The claims are now being settled, which Bryan has acknowledged in the Rogue section. I believe about two are currently outstanding, and the whole matter will be cleared up soon.

2) They offered to refund your deposit to your old account, and ended up offering you the $50 bonus anyway as compensation for your trouble, as you felt mislead.

Seems a reasonable outcome.
Yeah really, what is the problem here. Seems like you got $75 instead of $50 for a $25 deposit. How is that bad?
The day i trust this firm will be the day when the Sharks they are now sponsoring sprout wings.

Actually if they go after Sting & the RX,jetset etc,those that had something to report to get clarification on all accusations and clear them up,then may the Aquarium prosper.That'll do the trick for me.

Everyone has a price.I am a pisces.
Where does it say I got extra money? First they took my bonus out of my shark account- in the middle of my playing. Then they offered me $25 instead of the $50 I was originally offered, saying the boss has usually just been giving a $10 token bonus for the hassle. Yeah, I got the bonus they offered. After 5 minutes of convincing the guy on the phone that offering $50, then taking it back and offering less is bait-and-switch false advertising. Is it "reasonable" for a new casino to have information from an old casino? I don't think so.
Knowing what we now know about angel citi why would you want to play there anyways. Slandering them now is absolutely useless as they could not have a worse name in the online gaming world anyhow. Simply put, you shouldnt play there to begin with, and if you do these problems should be expected.

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