Sharing my good news and fortune


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Jun 26, 2005
Hi all, am new here and just wanted to share a little of my recent online gambling experiences. My husband and I have been playing at Club Dice Casino for several years and it is still our favorite online Casino. I've seen ads about great payouts from one casino to the next but I can honestly say from my own personal experience they are for real at Club Dice. In the past two months I've played nothing but Keno there and won 1,600 twice in June , then 3,000 this month and tonight I walked away with another 2,000. So here I am... I just had to tell someone! Who says Keno is supposed to be the worst game you can play at a Casino when it comes to odds of winning? Not so in my opinion at Club Dice. My husband won over 1,000 playing Jacks or Better Poker on another occasion but that win wasn't as recent as the others mentioned. I never have trouble collecting my winnings either and I can't say enough about how great communications and support are at this place either. I'm surprised I haven't seen Club Dice on the top of the list here for great places to play. Maybe I sound like a promoter, an advertiser or like it's all BS because it's too good to be true but that really is not the case, I'm just a customer that thinks others should know about a real honest and fair gaming place. Bryan if you haven't checked it out I sure hope you do some time. :thumbsup:

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